We made it, everyone! It’s the best episode of the season. We get to see the remaining five contests get all cleaned up and made up in their new bodies. Tim Gunn is all over the fashion and Ken Paves will be in charge of hair. The kids are here too! Biingo, Lindsay and Sunny get makeovers too. Well deserved, I’d say. These kids have made the season so much better than the seasons past.

The Gunn Show

Tim Gunn picks out the most perfect items for each contestant (I mean, duh. He’s a pro), but it’s amazing how clearly he sees each one of them. He takes the right risks in fashion and some of them try on some really bold styles. They’re used to hiding behind ill-fitting fabric and being uncomfortable. It’s great to see them step into smaller sizes because once they get in front of that mirror, you can actually see the confidence growing inside of them.

Hair Did

Gettin’ their hair did with Ken, they’re all on board to trust him and try something new. The ladies get a lot of inches chopped off. Biingo winces with every frosted tip. Joe and Jeff lose the facial hair and everybody gets a dye job.

The Big Reveals

The contestants all head home for the big reveal and to stay home for the full two weeks. Cue the inspirational music and killer outfits, and I’m already drenched in tears. This is what we’ve all been waiting for, right? Despite having seen them every week on the ranch, they look like new people after the makeovers. Is that Joe? Yup, and he looks dapper. Oh my goodness, is that really Gina? In a body-hugging blue dress and a gorgeous bob? Indeed it is. 

Don’t Get Too Comfortable

Not one but TWO challenges are given to each contestant while they’re home. The first is to lose 5% of their body weight in two weeks. Whoever hits that gets immunity. The second challenge is for each of them to lead a workout class in their communities. 

They all go out to their favorite local restaurants and have to deal with the dangerous temptations that used to give them comfort. Mexican chips and salsa, pizza, boneless wings, cheese fries, pasta and they all behave. Gina can’t seem to behave without being a difficult pain in the rear, but none of us should be surprised by that.

Community Challenge

Previous winner, Olivia Ward, shows up to help Danni with her workout. Marci is there with Gina as well. And the contestants are just, trainers in the making. They are motivating and commanding. Look for them at your local gym or Fitness Ride when this competition is over. 

The Weigh In

The contestants fly back to the ranch for the weigh in. Did they all hit the 5% weight loss? Let’s find out. Danni is up first. She loses 10 lbs and gets immunity. Jackson loses 15 lbs and gets immunity. Joe loses 17 lbs and gets immunity. Jeff loses 19 lbs and gets immunity. Gina is last, loses 10 lbs and gets immunity. Everyone made it for another week. YAY!

Nearing the end

Every year is a little bit different. Next week is the last week on the ranch for everyone. Out of the five, two will automatically advance to the finale. The other three will need to worry. The red line will return for the person with the lowest percentage of weight loss. Then the yellow line will go to the third and fourth and America will vote to select the third place competitor for the title at the finale. These results will not be revealed until the finale. 

Two episodes left, you guys. Things are getting crazy!

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Chrissa Hardy

Contributing Writer, BuddyTV