NeNe is getting ready for the girls to arrive for an LA visit. She doesn’t want any drama with the girls while they’re in town — famous last words. They have plans for a dinner party the first night, a day out on the town and then they’re all heading to Vegas.

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Hollywood Holdup

The ladies land in LA and are almost to NeNe’s house when the hummer-sine gets stuck on the steep and winding roads of the Hollywood Hills. NeNe drives down to meet them and brings everyone up. Everyone is exhausted from traveling, but will suck it up to meet NeNe for dinner. Dinner is at 9pm, but they don’t get on the road from their hotel until 11pm and don’t arrive until close to midnight. Cynthia calls NeNe to let her know that they’ll be arriving soon, and NeNe tells them to just turn around and head back to the hotel. She’s pissed. I mean, I get that they’re tired and had a long day of travel, but why even bother getting in the car if you’re two hours late?

NeNe Says, “Hell No!”

The caterers are packing up, the other guests (who showed up on time) are finishing their drinks and getting ready to leave. The girls are trying to play it off like, “Oops, our bad. But we love you, NeNe! xoxo.” NeNe’s not havin’ that. Gregg prepares a plate for them to take with them, but refuses to let them inside. They stop for FatBurger on the way home. 

Kenya in the Kitchen

In an effort to get everyone out the door on time, Kenya wakes up early and makes a huge breakfast. Porsha comes down and offers to help, but then can’t figure out how to make coffee. Big surprise. Kordell probably doesn’t want her to learn any basic life skills. 

Improv Time

The first activity today is an improv class at The Groundlings. Kenya is super excited to show off her acting skills. It’s clear that she’s a little jealous of NeNe’s recent success. She seems to view herself as some kind of acting veteran. Then they have to do an exercise where one person stands off to the side and everyone else has to scream compliments at her. When Phaedra goes up, Kenya tells her how nice her bunions are. Hmm … okay. When Kenya gets up there, Porsha tells her that her belly button is invisible. Uh … alright. Oh, and then NeNe arrives just as the class is ending. Even steven.

NeNe’s New Normal

NeNe takes the ladies on a tour of the studio. They hit a few things while in the golf cart, but then arrive safely at her trailer. I love seeing her in her element. Surrounded by the riches she so deserves. 

Ladies Night Out

Seated around a beautiful table at a gorgeous restaurant in the city, the girls start talking about the workout videos. Why ruin the night before it’s even begun? Kenya and Phaedra are sitting next to each other and are noticeably uncomfortable when the subject is raised. NeNe changes the subject before the conversation takes a weird turn, to women making their own money. Everyone at the table is financially stable on their own, except for Porsha. She tells the girls that she’s happy to be a housewife and it’s exactly what she wanted. Fair enough.

Then Walter comes up. Kenya brings him up by telling them that she broke up with him. NeNe asks how Kenya would like them to treat Walter. She says she doesn’t care and doesn’t want to talk about it anymore. They continue to talk about it until Porsha makes some snide comment about him attending Kordell’s party. Kenay storms out. NeNe follws her. She talks her down a tad, but Kenya is still very close to flipping the eff out on Phaedra and Porsha. 

Vegas should be a blast!

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