AshLee and Selma are rapidly emerging as front-runners in the race for Sean’s heart. If Sean really does love sweethearts, these two are a good match for the lovelorn bachelor. 

Let’s be honest: He’ll eventually see through Tierrable. (He has to, right?) Catherine may be too quirky for the traditional guy. Lesley and Robyn have somewhat strong personalities, while Jackie and Daniella have barely made an impression. If I were a betting woman, I’d put money on AshLee and Selma in the finale, although Sarah is certainly still in the running. 

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But if I’m wrong and these ladies are sent packing in the next few episodes, we’d better enjoy some extra clips while we can. 

It’s a Win-Win

In a spare moment with Sean, AshLee introduces a game that’s really just an excuse to kiss Sean a bunch of times. Clever girl, that AshLee! She worries, “I feel like every time we’re together, it’s something serious,” referencing discussions about adoption and charitable dates with the Starlight Children’s Foundation. 

To lighten the mood (and humblebrag a little), she quizzes Sean about her life; every time Sean answers a question correctly, AshLee kisses Sean; every time he misses an answer, Sean has to kiss AshLee. It’s a win-win, Sean observes! Uh, this whole show is a win-win for Sean — but I digress.   

The quiz reveals that AshLee has no tattoos, works out a 5am and loves kissing Sean. The only dark confession seems to be that AshLee drinks coffee in the morning, but even that is just to get her to the gym every morning at 5am. Yep, Ashlee’s pretty (obsessively) perfect! She really found her calling as a professional organizer.  

The Butterfly Kiss

In the next deleted scene, Sean gets silly with Selma, the bachelorette who won’t kiss on camera because of her Muslim heritage. I must admit, a little modesty is refreshing on a show like this. Selma doesn’t humblebrag in the clip because she already did that on last night’s The Bachelor. (“Can you handle all 110 pounds, baby?”) Instead, she and Sean find creative ways to be affectionate without actually locking lips. 

Sean attempts a butterfly kiss — brushing his eyelashes against her cheek — but can’t do it without laughing, “There is nothing sexy about that!” Selma is much better at butterfly kisses, Sean decides. Selma explains: “Because my eyelashes are long. I can’t wear glasses sometimes.” Whoops, I guess I spoke too soon about the humble bragging. Anyway, the two move from butterfly kisses to Eskimo kisses, laughing at the dorkiness of it all and having a pretty adorable moment together. 

False modesty aside, Sean could do a lot worse than Selma and AshLee. These girls have staying power.  

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