On the last team episode of The Biggest Loser before the contestants go to singles, a pop challenge about obesity in the workplace forces one team to balance work and workouts. And the pressure continues to grow as another another contestant is sent home. Plus, we get to check in on Ruben Studdard’s weight loss journey since he was sent home last week.

Pop Challenge

Contestants are taken to a diner for a pop challenge at the start of the show. They are asked multiple choice questions on obesity in the workplace. For every question a team answers correctly, they get a point. The twist: the team with the lowest points has to work at the diner all week. Everyone is nervous about this challenge because they don’t want their workout time lessened.

Ever the underdogs, the White Team loses the challenge and are forced to balance workouts and working at the diner all week long. Marie is obviously upset and says that she wishes the White Team would get a break once in a while. After everything they’ve been through this season so far, I agree. However, it is usually the case with Jillian’s team that they have the toughest challenges and are usually better for it.

The White Team makes the most of their work week by bringing home diner food leftovers for the other teams. It’s a hilarious mini temptation that makes the other teams struggle. They ultimately toss the food, but it’s interesting to see them squirm over the temptation. 

Ruben Studdard Check-In

After Ruben’s elimination last week, we get to see how he is faring at home. He reports that he has lost almost 100 pounds and is staying fit with a trainer. He is working on his album, which he mentions comes out in February 2014. He will perform a song at the finale, I can just feel it. Overall, he looks great and I hope he can keep losing weight for his own health.

Nerves on the Ranch

The challenge has everyone worrying about how they are going to balance work and workouts once they get home. Tanya knows that real life starts when they leave the ranch and feels inspired to learn as much as possible before she leaves. Dolvette inspires his entire Red Team to stay focused and they all tell him how much they appreciate him to the point that it makes him cry. It is very sweet. I have really grown to like Dolvette.

Speaking of how awesome Dolvette is, he has offered to train Jennifer’s daughter who suffers from childhood obesity. He had success with Lindsey as the kid ambassador for The Biggest Loser last season, so he believes he can help Taylor, too. It is great to see him involved in helping the family, and Jennifer is so excited to share everything she has learned with her family once she gets home.

The White Team is both mentally and physically exhausted after working at the diner all week and the frustration has set in. Jillian knows that the workouts have to be high intensity because they have no time to waste, but the pressure is taking its toll, especially on Tumi.

Bobby had a largest weight loss last week, but seems scattered and insecure this week. When Bob challenges him to do a somersault, he is unable to do it, resulting in a heart to heart. Bob reflects that Bobby gets in his own way, and though he is the biggest loser on their team, he still does not have the confidence to match it. 

The Weigh-In

The Blue Team weighs in first. After underwhelming numbers last week, the Blue Team improves their numbers this week, but are not sure it will be enough to keep them here.

The Red Team weighs in next. They lost the weigh-in last week and lost Ruben Studdard as a result. This week, they have consistently good numbers and Red Team wins the weigh-in, much to their relief. Rachel has lost 89 pounds so far and consistently shows a focus that is admirable.

The White Team weighs in last and they are nervous after their week at work. They are all nervous, but in an inspiring turn of events, they all lose a significant amount of weight and they are all here for one more week.

In the end, the Blue Team loses the weigh-in and Bobby is going home. It’s a disappointment because he has had consistently solid numbers all season. We’ll get to see his transformation next week during the mid-season finale when the contestants finally go to singles.

The Biggest Loser airs Tuesdays at 8pm on NBC.

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Eva Des Lauriers

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