Tomorrow night is the much anticipated live finale of The Biggest Loser: Families.  Michelle (of the black team) and Vicky (of the blue team) are already guaranteed spots in the final weigh-in, where they will compete for the grand prize of $250,000.  Going head to head against each other for America’s vote, and to earn a spot in the final three, are husband and wife Ed and Heba.  When they were given the opportunity to plead their cases to America as to why fans should vote for them, Ed used  his time in front of the camera to convince people to vote for Heba.  It seems almost certain that fans will respect his wishes and the final three will be comprised of all women. 

3. VIcky

Vicky entered this competition at 267 pounds and, over the 12 weeks that she was on the show, dropped 76 pounds.  That is a total percentage of weight loss of 31%.  There’s something about Vicky though, her fear, her negativity, that could carry over into her daily home life as she tries to prep for the finale.  Nobody wants to see this season’s villain walk away with the grand prize of $250,000 and most fans are surely hoping that karma comes back to bite her and she’ll finish this competition in third place.  One can only hope…

2. Michelle

Michelle started things off as the lightest woman of the final three contestants.  She first weighed in at 242 pounds.  Michelle has persevered throughout this season, overcoming odds, and impressing both in challenges and in weigh-ins.  When she left the ranch, she had lost the highest percentage of body weight of the final three women, 33%.  At around 160 pounds, though, Michelle doesn’t have that much more to go and will have probably dropped another 30 for the finale.  Will it be enough?

1. Heba

Heba began this season of The Biggest Loser as the heaviest woman, topping the scale at 294 pounds.  She has performed consistently well in weigh-ins, dropping around 7 pounds or more several times.  When she left the show to head home and prep for the finale, she had lost 84 pounds, which is 29% of her total body weight.  Heba has the most weight to lose.  She could drop another 50-70 pounds if she works hard at it and if she can get below 147, then she’ll have lost over 50% of her body weight and that is going to be damn near impossible to beat.

– Gina Scarpa, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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Gina Scarpa

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