The Amazing Race is perhaps my most favorite thing in the world.  What else could fulfill my fantasy of touring so many places around the world, in a span of only an hour each week, without me having to lift a finger?  Perhaps that’s exaggerating, but there’s the drama, and there’s the thrill of being in a race, which couldn’t be more perfect.  Season 14 is on our way, and BuddyTV is still here to take note of everything that happened, and perhaps throw a few questions in the air along the way.  We’ll be updating this page with everything from this season—the interviews, the per-episode live thoughts, our opinion bits and everything else that would make the watching—and the armchair racing—an easier thing.  Well, if anything could make a race so much better, it’s someone explaining everything by your side.  By all means, that should be us.

Exclusive Interviews
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Live Thoughts/Recaps
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Bits We Can’t Categorize

The Amazing Race: First Spoilers for Season 14

Eliminated Teams

Jennifer and Preston (Dating)
Nursing student Jennifer and software engineer Preston have been on and off for two years, largely because they’re almost opposites. Linda and Steve (Married)
The nine-year age difference isn’t a problem for Linda, a customer service supervisor, and Brad, an admittedly claustrophobic carpenter.

Exclusive Interview Brad and Victoria (Married)
Past marriages and not meeting often don’t get in their way; Brad works as a distributor, while Victoria works as a tax manager.
Amanda and Kris (Dating)
Amanda works at a tanning salon while studying in college; Kris works as a sales rep for a communications company.

Exclusive Interview
Christie and Jodi (Flight Attendants)
Christie is newly-married, while Jodi is newly-divorced, but both bond while working as flight attendants for Southwest Airlines.

Still On The Race

Cara and Jaime (Former Cheerleaders)
After cheering for the Miami Dolphins, Cara aimed to take up law – but deferred her plans to join former police officer Jaime on the race. LaKisha and Jennifer (Sisters)
After playing for the University of Louisville, LaKisha became a basketball coach, while Jennifer became a marketing assistant. Margie and Luke (Mother/Son)
Margie, a clinical research associate, has raised Luke, who was born deaf; the disability only made them closer. Mark and Michael (Brothers)
Both Mark and Michael stand 4 feet 9 inches, but have appeared in many television shows and films as stuntmen. Mike and Mel (Father/Son)
Both Mike, a former pastor and writer, and Mel, a writer and actor who appeared in School of Rock, went out of the closet at separate times.
Tammy and Victor (Siblings)
Harvard Law grad Tammy works as a litigator, while her older brother (and fellow Harvard law grad) Victor is a partner at his law firm.

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