Lost delivered many shocking twists in the entire duration of its existence, but season 4 is arguably the most shocking of them all.

With season 5 of Lost only about a month away, we at BuddyTV want to help get everyone up to speed on the show’s mythology by giving away two copies of the season 4 DVD, which just hit stores this week.

Read on to see how you can win.

I’m sure every fan of Lost has had different ways to cope from the serious affliction of Lost-withdrawal during these long months.  Some people might watch and re-watch all the old episodes.  Some might write pages and pages of fanfic.  Some might even completely forget about it altogether.

Well, today, I’d like you all to share with the BuddyTV community about how you are coping and what you are most excited for about the upcoming season.  But!  I’d like you to share it in verse, specifically in haiku.

So, here’s what you have to do to win one of these two copies of Lost season 4:

Write a haiku about your feelings on Lost.  Any topic is fine, as long as it somehow relates to Lost.  Remember that a haiku is a poem made up of three lines, the first with five syllables, the second with seven syllables and the third with five syllables.  It doesn’t not have to rhyme.  Post your haiku in the comment section below.

You have until Thursday, December 18 at noon EST to enter your haiku.  At that time, the BuddyTV editorial team will select the two best haikus.

Also, for those of you who live in Seattle, there will be an island-themed Lost season 4 DVD release party at Hula Hula, on Thursday, December 18 at 7-9pm. There will be Lost games, trivia and prizes, plus a screening of last season’s finale. The address is 106 First Ave. N, in Lower Queen Anne. You must be 21 years old or older to attend.

-Debbie Chang, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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