On tonight’s episode of The Biggest Loser, the blue team dealt with the repercussions of voting Jackie out behind her back and Dan’s back. Dan was left feeling like he had no one to turn to except the opposing team. The black team is angry with the decision that the blue team made but they don’t seem to care. Kelly tries to convince Jillian to let Dan join their team but she’s not ready to take on another team member just yet. Dan goes to Bob, who gives him support and promises that he’s not going through this experience alone.

As last week’s biggest loser, Bernie choose Game Play as his reward. His card says, “50% off at this week’s challenge”. He’s not sure what to make of that and heads back to the house to work out. Meanwhile, Dan throws himself full force into the game, telling his team that it’s okay that they blindsided his mom at last week’s elimination.

Tonight’s reward challenge required patience, stamina, and strength. Contestants, in pairs, had to hold the weight that they’ve lost over water. Bernie gets the advantage he was waiting for, only having to hold 50% of his weight. The winner gets to give out immunity to one member of their team and one member of the opposing team. The black team wins and must give their decision before the next weigh-in.

Bob talks strategy with his team but Trent is only interested in bettering his life for his family. He and Roger didn’t come here for the $250,000. Jillian decides to have her team pull names out of hat and the one name left is the one who will get immunity. Maggie ends up being the lucky one who cannot be voted out this week.

Afterwards, feeling that her team needs a little emotional work, Jillian brings in a therapist to get to the root of their issues. That therapist is Jillian’s mother. While the black team delves deep into the issues that brought them to The Biggest Loser, the blue team chooses to work out.  Paul talks about being physically abused as a child, Brittany grieves over the loss of her father, Kelly lets out the guilt that she felt when her mother had a stroke.  The episode was filled with very emotional, raw moments from each of the black contestants.

At tonight’s weigh in, the black team announces who they have chosen to receive immunity: Maggie and Jay.  That was a little surprising since it seemed they would choose Dan after Jackie’s ousting last week.  On to the scale.  The black team went first:

  • Kelly: 8 pound loss
  • Paul: 10 pound loss
  • Bernie: 7 pound loss
  • Brittany: 1 pound loss
  • Maggie: 2 pound loss

Some people begin to get suspicious when Brittany and Maggie put up such low numbers.  Kelly assumes that she’s going home, as Paul is the biggest loser of his team, and breaks down into tears.  The team finishes with a total weight loss of 2.54%.  The blue team heads to the scale next:

  • Dan: 7 pound loss
  • Roger: 9 pound loss
  • Trent: 8 pound loss
  • Mark: 6 pound loss
  • Jay: 4 pound loss

The blue team loses the weigh in by 1 pound.  With Jay and Roger safe from elimination, it seems that Dan was next on the chopping block.  Bob is so frustrated with his team that he walks out of the weigh in.  Trent offers to go home, asking the team to vote him out, so that no one has to stress over their vote.  The blue team honors his request, sending him home to his family.

After Trent leaves, Alison calls all the contestants back to the elimination room.  She tells them that she’s sending them all home.  We’ll have to wait until next week to find out what happens.

To date, Trent has lost 112 pounds.  Don’t miss his interview with BuddyTV this week!

– Gina Scarpa, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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Gina Scarpa

Staff Writer, BuddyTV