YAY!  It’s time for one of my favorite nights of television all year: The Biggest Loser finale!  Tonight will have an extra surprise as we’ll find out whether Mark or Roger made the final three.  C’mon, Mark!  I love Roger, too but I just want Mark in there.  I’m still predicting that a woman wins this season but I think I’d be happy with anyone at this point.  I’ll be here for the entire two hours, updating throughout.  Keep refreshing and post your comments, too!

We’re about to find out if Mark or Roger made the final three.  First, a montage video of the final four contestants.  Ooh, I’m so fired up!  I can’t wait to see the contestants now!

The Biggest Loser lied.  They said I’d know in the first 5 minutes who made the final three.  It’s 8:07.  Alison is bringing out Mark and Roger for the results.  Roger looks great!  He looks so different since day 1.  Mark also looks amazing.  Roger is in the final three.  Wow!  8:11.

Alison is bringing out the other contestants.  Jenni and Lynn don’t look that different.  Amanda looks great.  Neill looks pretty different.  Bette Sue looks good, she’s so cute!  Woah, Mallory is hot as is Curtis.  They look great!  (I’m going to say “great” a lot tonight!)

Jenn and Maggie are rockin’ dresses tonight and lookin’ good.  WOW!  I can’t believe Jackie and Dan!  Trent seriously looks 10 years younger from when he started.  The crowd is going nuts for Bernie.  He’s so cute!  He looks SO good!  Brittany is a hottie!  Check her out!  Jay looks awesome, too.  Oh no!  Paul can’t be there.  He’s too sick to come.  I’m bummed. 

Ha ha, Alison called Mark out for being a big crybaby this season.

Yay, videos of the final four going home to see their families.  One of my favorite parts of the finale.  These videos always make me cry, dammit.

The contestants have changed into their team colors.  Bob and Jillian are out and everyone is about to weigh in.  Jenni has lost 54 pounds, Lynn lost 80, Mallory lost 65 pounds, and Curtis lost a whopping 150 pounds!

Amanda lost 64 pounds, Neill lost 88 pounds, Bette-Sue lost 75 pounds, Jenn lost 64 pounds, and Maggie lost 70 pounds.

Wow, Jackie lost 89 pounds and Dan lost 136 pounds!  Insanity!  The big numbers just keep on comin’!  Trent lost 135 pounds.  Again, Bernie looks ridiculous (in a good way).  He lost 130 pounds and is in the lead right now.  Brittany lost 57 pounds.  Jay lost 103 pounds and Mark lost 129 pounds.  By ONE POUND, Bernie wins!  WOW!!!

Okay, time for the final three.  They’re showing a video of the obstacles they’ve faced at home and how they overcame them.  Here they come!  Roger, we’ve already seen.  Still looks good.  Kelly looks great but I don’t think she can beat Ali.  Okay, Ali looks ridiculous.  She totally won.

Roger lost 164 pounds.  Kelly lost 109 pounds.  Roger’s still in the lead.  They went to commercial before Ali weighs in.  COME ON!!!

Ali lost 112 pounds.  She is the winner!

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– Gina Scarpa, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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