Big Brother has mastered the ability to fill an hour of television with minimal content.  You can’t blame them for all the padding.  That’s just the nature of Big Brother. Unlike other reality shows, Big Brother has to edit on the fly.  Sometimes, there’s enough action in the house to fill three hours of TV, sometimes there isn’t.  Tonight’s Big Brother was almost all filler.  The first third of the episode was a recap of the Head of Household competition that began last episode.  It went on way longer than it reasonably should have.  In all honesty, tonight’s recap could be a mere few sentences long.  Natalie, despite not being the Head of Household winner, was the focus of the episode.  She is wearing out my brain. 

Penthouse Pet in a Cube

The Head of Household competition was an epic endurance contest.  Players had to stay inside an elevated cube with only a chain to hold on to.  Sheila, having not performed well in competitions all season, was determined to win.  Sharon dropped early, followed by Ryan and eventually Natalie.  Natalie didn’t want to drop but was finally convinced after Sheila made a deal with both of them.  Sheila won’t nominate Ryan or Natalie in exchange for her HoH victory.  So, Sheila is happy about her win and cries when she sees the picture of her child. 

Natalie: The Breaking Point

Everyone is fed up with Natalie.  She’s just too annoying, is playing the game too hard and everyone wants her gone.  Sheila’s plan all along is to back-door Natalie after the Power of Veto.  The only issue is getting everyone on board, and convincing Adam that he is not in danger, despite being the nominated pawn.  Sheila makes Ryan agree that, if he wins PoV, he will take Adam off the block.  Sharon is definitely on board, so all that matters is that they make sure Natalie does not win the Power of Veto.

The Inevitable

Sheila goes through with the original plan and nominates Sharon and Adam.

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