Oh, Teen Wolf! How we’ve missed you!

On June 3, Teen Wolf season 2 premieres. All of the horror, romance, bare chests, gore and ridiculous humor we came to love in season 1 is back. Check out the first 10 minutes of the Teen Wolf season 2 premiere to see for yourself!

It’s not like you should need much incentive to watch this awesome video, but if you do, know this: In the first 10 minutes, four out of the five major characters on-screen take off their clothes.


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While you simply must watch the video for yourself (and why wouldn’t you?), here are some highlights and some questions about the footage:

  • OK, I get how Jackson got a werewolf bite, but how did he end up underwater?
  • Also, it wasn’t the full Moon in the Teen Wolf season 1 finale, was it? Maybe this indicates a time jump of some sort…
  • Those are very cool — if somewhat fake-looking — birds in the forest.
  • Alison’s dad hasn’t exactly warmed up to Scott in the off-season.
  • You wouldn’t think running on all-fours like that would be so fast. I guess you’d be wrong. At least you’d be wrong when Scott has motivation.
  • Lydia obviously didn’t get her intelligence from her dad.
  • Oh Stiles… Don’t ever change!
  • The Argents might want to consider putting bars on Alison’s windows. You know, if they don’t want a werewolf to ravage their daughter on a regular basis.
  • Scott and Alison are very clumsy lovers.
  • Alison is getting very wonderfully snarky this season. This is a positive.
  • I don’t like it when black stuff boils up from the drain. It’s scary. And generally bad.
  • If you have intimate relations with a vending machine, does it give you free candy?
  • Once, in college, the water in my shower turned a weird color like that. I jumped out quickly instead of fishing around for creepy hair. Lydia might have been better off going that route. On the other hand, my college shower never had a bloody hand reach up to grab me.
  • So Lydia has run out into the night and is making very distinctive screams… OK then…

And that’s it. That’s all we get for now. Sorry about tantalizing you like that. But you can get more when Teen Wolf season 2 premieres on Sunday, June 3 at 11pm on MTV.

(Image and video courtesy of MTV)

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