Looking for some laughs? Check out our list of the best episodes of Crank Yankers from Comedy Central on YouTube. These sketches are some of the funniest that you will ever see from Yankerville’s puppet citizens.

Creators Adam Carolla, Jimmy Kimmel, and Daniel Kellison team up to make the Crank Yankers skits that include real calls to real people and actual businesses.

Featuring celebrities and stand-up comedians like Tiffany Haddish, Wanda Sykes, Natasha Leggero, Seth MacFarlane, Tony Barbieri, Bobby Brown, David Alan Grier, and Jimmy Kimmel, these skits will have you rolling on the floor laughing.

So grab a few friends and prepare to laugh your heads off! These are the best episodes and most popular YouTube videos of Crank Yankers.

#10 Gladys Calls a Charm School for Her Daughter

In this episode, Gladys has an incontinent child who isn’t potty-trained and she’d like to get her into charm school.

#9 Random Number Al Fosters Call Al Foster (Finding Someone with Your Exact Name)

Two Al Fosters call another random Al Foster to see if they can make another best friend.

#8 Foreign Guy Learns English (Adam Corolla)

Adam Carolla pretends to be a foreigner and crank phone calls a language school to learn English.

#7 The Champ Calls Tiffany Haddish / CY Industries Robocall Machine

In the first skit, Bobby Brown pretends to be Mike Tyson and calls Tiffany for a favor in this funny prank call. Next, we hear Jonathan Kimmel pretend to be an automated answering service while jerking around the caller with ridiculous requests.

#6 Niles Calls a Hardware Store for Advice (About Their Caulk)

The British Earl of Yankerville, Niles Standish (Tony Barbieri), has questions about a hardware store’s “caulk” and needs all the details about the product: color, hardness, etc.

#5 Dick Rogers has a Personal Revelation (Seth MacFarlane Complaining to a Gay Bar)

Dick Rogers (Seth MacFarlan) has conflicting feelings about his recent visit to a gay bar and calls back to file a complaint while discovering some hidden feelings.

#4 Forgotten Stepson (Natasha Leggero Prank Calls a School)

Only being married for a few days, this insane stepmom can’t remember the name or any details about her stepson.

#3 KFC Buckethead (Jimmy Kimmel Prank Calls KFC as Elmer)

Elmer (Jimmy Kimmel) absolutely loves the food at KFC but has a complaint about the “hats” they put their chickens in as it’s now stuck on his head.

#2 Wanda Sykes as Gladys (Best Prank Calls)

It’s absolutely impossible to pick the best skit that Wanda Sykes makes on Crank Yankers as Gladys – she’s absolute comedy gold. The four skits in this Best of Gladys video could easily make this list on their own. Here’s the breakdown of the skits you can’t miss in the above video.

SST Towing Call: Gladys Murphy Lodges Complaint (Turd in My Car)

After picking up her car from their lot, Gladys finds a large turd in the back seat of her car. She calls them to file a humorous complaint.

Gladys Calls a Department Store with an Idea

Gladys doesn’t like the mannequins in the department store and makes humorous suggestions on how to make them look more like “real” women.

Gladys Needs a Psychic

After her uncle passes, Gladys needs psychic help to contact him in the afterlife to get financial information.

Gladys Calls a Hardware Store for Some Help

Gladys tries to talk a hardware store clerk to come over and help her get off a toilet seat after her kids super glued it.

#1 Tiffany Haddish’s “Red Dead Redemption” Complaint

All Tiffany Haddish wants is to get some “D” and she doesn’t mean donuts. After her man bought the “Red Dead Redemption” game, he’s giving her no loving attention anymore. Check out this absolutely hilarious phone call she makes to a video game store that sold him the game. We dare you to try and keep a straight face during this episode.

More Crank Yankers Episodes on Comedy Central

Not all of the best episodes are on YouTube, luckily we can still watch some on Comedy Central.

“Special Ed” Needs Support – “I Got Mail” (Jim Florentine)

Special Ed on Crank Yankers

Watch the episode

In this ridiculously funny episode, Special Ed calls computer assistance to let them know he’s got mail. He repeatedly hits the America Online “You’ve Got Mail” button while he repeats “I Got Mail” over and over.

YPS Loses a Package (Incoming – Wrong Number Call: Woman Thinks She Called Parcel Service)

Junkyard Willie on Crank Yankers

Watch the episode

Watch Junkyard Willie and Jim Bob (the supervisor) not give a damn about a female customer’s lost package…

Funniest Quote: (Willie) “I ain’t some hula-hoop eyed chicken-neck lookin’ jive turkey.”

“Spoonie Luv” Places a Personal Ad with The Village Voice

Spoonie Luv on Crank Yankers

Watch the episode

Spoonie Luv (Tracy Morgan) calls The Village Voice to try and place an inappropriate personal ad

Funniest Quotes: (Spoonie Luv) “Yeah, I’m just putting my personals, this what I want.”
(Spoonie Luv) “What about the badonkadonk butt?”

Cammie Wants a Delivery

Cammie Smith on Crank Yankers

Watch the episode

Cammie wants to get back at her boyfriend for cheating by calling a pizza place and asking for a “special delivery,” but when he interrupts the call, he lets Speedy Pizza know what’s what.

Funniest Quote: (Cammie’s boyfriend) “She’s got herpes, she’s got chlamydia, she’s got VD, she’s got everything.”

Elmer Has a Birthday (Jimmy Kimmel)

Elmer Higgins on Crank Yankers

Watch the episode

Elmer (Jimmy Kimmel) is upset that he didn’t get $25 for his birthday when he receives a donation card in the mail from a charitable organization.

Funniest Quote: (Charitable Organization) “On your behalf, not…”
(Elmer) “I don’t want half!”

Elderly Fight Club (David Alan Grier)

Landalious “The Truth” Truefeld on Crank Yankers

Watch the episode

Landalious Truefeld (David Alan Grier) calls a nursing home to promote his idea of starting a mixed martial arts league for senior citizens.

Funniest Quote: “I say get your ass up and get back in that ring. Now hit me harder!”

Mrs. Birchum’s Nut Butter (Adam Carolla)

Dick Birchum on Crank Yankers

Watch the episode

Birchum (Adam Carolla) calls an organic food store in search of weight-control nut butter for his wife who is morbidly obese and needs to lose some weight.

Funniest Quote: (Birchum) “All right, ’cause I don’t wanna be kicking the hacky sack and chasing that dragon all afternoon.”

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