Rachel Lindsay is admittedly not your typical Bachelorette star. Besides being the first black leading lady of the reality dating franchise, she’s older and she knows what she wants. It’s also safe to say that the Dallas-based attorney isn’t beating around the bush when it comes to finding love.

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“I mean, I’m not your typical Bachelorette, right? We’ve already talked about it,” Lindsay told Entertainment Tonight. “I’m the first black Bachelorette, I’m 31, so I’m an older Bachelorette… Then at the same time, I have a different type of job than the typical Bachelorettes have, so I think it’s a little bit harder to cast someone for me.” 

“Being 31, like, I’ve been there. I’ve gone through my twenties, I’ve been through the journey, so I know exactly what it is that I’m looking for,” she explained. “I just really want to take the time to find the right group of guys for me, and I can’t complain.” 

As the first African-American Bachelorette star, Lindsay is looking forward to a more diverse pool of bachelors.

“I obviously expect to see a wider pool of African-American men just because that’s me, but what I’m excited about is I’m hoping that my cast reflects what America looks like,” she said. “I don’t [exclusively] date African-American men, I’ve dated all races before, and so I’m hoping the cast reflects what America looks like and I’m excited that my season is hopefully the one that has the opportunity to do that.” 

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As previously reported, Lindsay doesn’t feel the added pressure just because of the color of her skin. She’s excited for the opportunity to find love but she’s also just trying to take things “day by day.” And just like her mantra on The Bachelor, Lindsay is determined to stay true to herself -which means viewers can expect a very candid Bachelorette star.

“I feel like if I try to think about it too much, I’m going to get caught up in the whole moment of things, so I’m going to take it day by day. I’m just going to be true to myself, and as I told Nick throughout our whole season, I’m just going to keep it 100, and I’m going to keep it real,” she promised. “That’s all I know how to do.”

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