It’s no secret that many members of the ALDC have grown up in the studio on Lifetime’s Dance Moms. But are the routines for the dancers getting a little too dark and mature for them?

Abby Lee decided to end the first half of season seven with some of the teenage dancers performing very intense content for nationals.

Nia’s character was shot after being affiliated with a gang, Kalani’s character suffered an overdose from her drug addiction while Brynn played a girl with an eating disorder and Kendall’s character was schizophrenic. As for Camryn, she was assigned the role of a prostitute.

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This was without a doubt a dark concept for all of the girls. Even their mothers felt uncomfortable with it. In Abby Lee’s defense, she initially had a different idea in mind and wanted the dancers’ performance to be about cancer until the moms reminded her they did the same thing for a previous competition. Still, it seems like she could have come up with something a little more lighthearted and age appropriate.

It was definitely a little awkward watching them act out each of their roles that ended with all of them dying at the end. Kalani’s character having a seizure after the music ended was nearly a cringe-worthy moment. But whether viewers thought the performance was too dark or just right, it ended up winning first place.

ALDC isn’t the only dance company that got pretty risque at nationals. Their arch nemesis the Candy Apples took the same route as their performance addressed human trafficking. The dance coach, Cathy, even brought back a male dancer, Zach, who acted as the one taking the girls. The Candy Apples aren’t strangers to having intense content. They had a performance called “Build The Wall” at a previous competition.

With everything going on in the nation concerning border control, it’s safe to say it rubbed people the wrong way. One mom, Black Patsy, spoke up and said as an African American woman who is also homosexual, she was offended by the concept. Of course it’s important for people, especially teenagers, to understand and be fully aware of what’s going on around the nation.

But Cathy used the opportunity to take a jab at Abby and her legal woes as she referenced a red, brick wall as one that Abby could be seeing if she goes to jail. This made what could have been an educational moment for the girls into an inappropriate one. What do you think about Abby Lee having the girls do such intense performances? Was the Cathy’s “Build The Wall” concept tasteless? Let us know what you think in the comment section below.

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