Unless you’ve been living under a rock these days, you probably already know that Britt Nilsson and Kaitlyn Bristowe will both star on The Bachelorette season 11 though only one of them will officially get a chance to find love as the Bachelorette.  Having two women vie for the coveted spot became a controversial topic among Bachelor Nation but it looks like there’s more to look forward to than the controversial big twist. Here are 8 things you need to know about the new season:

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  • There will be 25 bachelors who will vote for the woman they want to continue on as the Bachelorette. Kaitlyn attempts to win the men with her sense of humor while Britt uses “heartfelt sincerity” to get their attention.
  • There’s a cupcake car, a hot tub car and lap dances for both Bachelorettes during the premiere.
  • There’s a fitness trainer who also greets both ladies with a bunch of helium-filled balloons and a high-pitched voice.
  • The first “shocker” of the season happens in the season opener, where one bachelor pulls a disrespectful move and causes chaos among the other bachelors.
  • A boxing game, a stand-up comedy date, a rap battle, a Broadway musical play, a dance competition, and a Mariachi serenade are just some of the dates that will transpire this season.
  • There’s a one-on-one date that involves a private concert by The Cranberries.
  • The Bachelorette and her suitors will head to Los Angeles, Manhattan, San Antonia, Dublin and Killarney.
  • Special guest stars include boxing champ Leila Ali, comic Amy Schumer and rap star Doug E. Fresh. 

The Bachelorette‘s two-part premiere begins May 18 at 9pm ET on ABC. 

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Dean Bextor

Staff Writer, BuddyTV