For the third week in a row on Big Brother 15, America is the MVP and gets to nominate the third houseguest for eviction. So far America has chosen Elissa, GinaMarie and Amanda, though none of America’s MVP nominees have received any votes for eviction. So what did America decide this time?

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains Big Brother 15 spoilers.

GinaMarie is the HoH. She nominated Candice and Jessie. Amanda is the MVP nominee.

Wow, I’m a bit shocked, only because this was the first week Aaryn could be the MVP nominee. I assumed America’s hatred of her would win out, but the fact that Amanda got it again is pleasing to me, if only because it confirms that a lot of people hate her, even though the episodes aren’t showing the true extent of her awfulness.

This is leading to more paranoia as Amanda is convinced Judd or Candice is the MVP, though after the epic fight with Jessie, I think everyone learned their lesson about daring to even mention evicting Amanda. She’s totally confused as to why anyone would put her up, which is going to make the moment when she learns that it’s America all the more delightful. I’m already salivating over the idea of her crestfallen face after discovery she’s more hated than Aaryn.

But most of the HGs have talked about how they just don’t care about the MVP nominee at all because they already have their targets and they have the numbers. The whole twist is kind of backfiring since this is the fourth week in a row where everyone is pretty much ignoring the MVP nominee. It might cause some drama and meltdowns, but it’s not affecting the game the way producers probably hoped. I bet they were rooting for three-way battles with votes like 4-3-2, not 7-1-0.

Though GinaMarie and Aaryn want Candice gone, nearly everyone else would probably prefer Jessie get evicted. Amanda, McCrae and Andy don’t trust her, Judd thinks she’s ruined his game, and Helen and Elissa see Candice as a better bet to work with them in the future. The hard part is finding a way to get GM and Aaryn to think sending Jessie home this week is their idea, that way the others can get what they want without upsetting the HoH since everyone has promised GM they will evict Candice.

Oddly enough, I suspect many HGs are probably rooting for Candice to win the PoV so they can evict Jessie without worrying about Aaryn and GinaMarie’s desire to get rid of Candice.

In addition to the HoH and three nominees, Spencer and Judd were chosen to play for the Power of Veto. This was the first time either was randomly selected from the bag. Also, Andy’s perfect streak of NEVER playing in a PoV competition continues.

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