You don’t tug on Superman’s cape. You don’t spit into the wind. You don’t pull the mask off that old Lone Ranger. And you don’t mess around with Amanda on Big Brother 15.

'Big Brother 15' Recap: You Don't Mess Around with Amanda

That’s the moral of tonight’s episode as Jessie dares to consider evicting Amanda for a second and pays the ultimate price for her insolence. There’s a giant fight as Jessie says everything I’ve wanted to yell at Amanda, while Amanda makes cruel personal attacks and blatantly lies about almost everything.

Oh, we also get a whole lot of nonsense because GinaMarie is the HoH, which is a complete waste of everyone’s time because she’s utterly useless and without any redeeming qualities as a player in this game. She’s a joke, like Chef Joe Arvin last season, only he had the common courtesy never to win anything.

The HoH Competition

We start with the conclusion of the HoH competition. The 10 HGs are on spinning on barrels trying to hold onto their bulls.

Things are going smoothly, but after about 30 minutes the barrel switches directions and it’s a trainwreck. Spencer, Candice, Helen, Elissa, Amanda, Judd, and Andy all fall off one after another. A little while later Jessie falls. That leaves GinaMarie and McCrae, and the two go back and forth trying to make deals. But neither side is blinking and they both really want to win.

GM claims it’s just to get her hair dye and she wants to win this because she’s not very smart. McCrae first tells GM she won’t have to get blood on her hands if she drops, but later he offers to let her pick both nominees. He’s literally throwing anything and everything out to get her to fall.

After a little over an hour, McCrae falls and GM wins. She amusingly asks “Did I win? Did I win?” Everyone acts like they’re so happy for her. In reality, they’re all worried because she’s a wild card.

Also, the first three who fell get prizes. Spencer has a bullhorn he must talk with until after the nomination ceremony. Great, it’s not like he wasn’t already loud. Helen wins a BBQ party for her and three other HGs and acts like it’s the greatest thing ever because she’s a cheerleader. It’s so hard to watch Helen act so fake and enthusiastic about everything.

Candice, who shows a total lack of understanding of how the game works, wins $5,000 and claims it’s the only good thing that’s happened to her in the game. She also says she dropped second because she thought Spencer was her only threat, so she wanted to play a low-key game this week. It’s almost impossible to root for someone so embarrassingly oblivious to the game.

Queen GM

Everyone seems to be dying a little inside watching GM and Aaryn celebrate. No one knows what GM’s strategy is (FYI, she doesn’t have one) and no one really respects her. But it’s great for Aaryn because she views it as an extension of her HoH reign since GM will do whatever she says.

GM wants to evict Candice for a ton of personal reasons, none of which are even remotely strategic. Spencer is a possible second nominee because he evicted Nick. I guess it doesn’t matter that Jessie, Andy, Judd, McCrae, and Amanda also did, while Helen and Elissa orchestrated it.

GM’s HoH Room

There’s a photo of GM with Nick for her to obsess over and lots of her pageant crowns. Andy pins the tail on the donkey by saying the room of this 32-year-old woman looks like it belongs to a 15-year-old girl.

BBQ Drama

Helen picks Aaryn and Elissa to attend the BBQ and wants to pick a third that is strategic. Jessie asks “Why Aaryn?” and Helen admits that she’s taking Aaryn because she upheld the deal last week.

Aaryn is FURIOUS over “Why Aaryn?”-gate. Jessie keeps complaining about not getting invited to the BBQ and Amanda is fed up with it. But first, you need some backstory.

The night before Howard’s eviction, he talked to Jessie about a plan to get her, Andy, Spencer, and GinaMarie to all vote out Amanda, with Aaryn breaking the tie. Jessie then mentioned this to Andy, who immediately told her it was a bad idea. She said “OK” and dropped it.

The next day Andy, of course, ran and told Amanda and McCrae about this plot to evict her brought to him by Jessie, making it sound like Jessie was the mastermind. He tells Amanda that she can NOT freak out or tell anyone he told her.

So when Jessie is whining about how not being invited to the BBQ is a sign is disloyalty, Amanda brings up Jessie masterminding a plot to evict her.

Amanda vs. Jessie

This causes a huge fight in the backyard. Here’s my basic analysis: Jessie is 100 percent right and everything Amanda says is a lie. It’s not necessarily the best strategy for Jessie, so maybe it wasn’t smart to say, but it was right.

Jessie claims McCrae and Amanda have controlled the votes for the last three weeks. She says she talked to Andy in confidence about her options and then he clearly ratted her out to Amanda. She also says she wanted to make up her own mind and not feel controlled.

Amanda’s whole argument is that even considering Amanda as a target for a millisecond is a war crime punishable by death.

Amanda proceeds to make nasty personal attacks about how Jessie’s personality sucks and she always plays the victim. Amanda adds that Jessie has now ruined her game because she could’ve made it to the end, but now she’s going home this week. Amanda then claims she’s NOT threatening or bullying.

Amanda’s whole attack is a long series of lies and hypocrisy. So she’s not making threats and she’s not controlling the house, but she still knows Jessie is going home this week?

It’s frustrating because coming at Amanda head-on is not a smart strategy, even though Jessie is absolutely right and realizes that the longer they let Amanda run the show, the harder it will be to get rid of her. Amanda seems to think everyone should just lay low and float to the Top 5, at which point she and McCrae can easily pick them off. This is why she loves Andy so much.

The Aftermath

McCrae tries to calm Amanda down because she’s just painting an even bigger target on her back. Jessie tells GM that nominating her is a bad move because she would go home instead of Candice.

The Nominations

GM nominates Candice and Jessie. She claims Candice is a “drama queen” and a “tattletale rat” while Jessie is a “flip-flopper.” Judd, Amanda, and Elissa all start laughing during the speech because it’s so ridiculous. Oh GM, they’re not laughing WITH you, they’re laughing AT you. This is the perfect metaphor for this season: It’s a joke.

Amanda literally ends the episode by saying that this is what Jessie gets for daring to go against her. Ugh, Amanda is the worst kind of bully there is. How was Jeremy’s behavior unacceptable, but everyone is cool with letting this woman run the show?

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