This week’s episode of MasterChef really brings the drama with Ahran determined to get Courtney out of the kitchen. Courtney starts off the episode incredibly pompous, so I just know this is going to go terribly for her. It’s going to be so dramatic and I can’t wait. Gordon — the contestant, not Ramsay — is actually sick. He’s going to be fine, but he had to leave the competition. It’s pretty sad. That means that MasterChef is already down to 18 home cooks.

Live Mystery Box Challenge

The cooks have a Mystery Box challenge, and this one is live! I’m sorry, but I do not like this at all. The cooks carefully open their boxes to reveal a net full of live seafood “plucked straight from the ocean.” Again, I am not into this. The cooks don’t seem too into it, either. “There’s nothing more important to a chef than to know how to work with live seafood,” the judges say. I completely disagree. The winner gets to go into the pantry and get a huge advantage.

The chefs scramble to get started, while the judges talk about how this is the most intimidating Mystery Box challenge ever. The judges talk to some of the contestants including Ahran. She is the youngest competitor they’ve ever had, and she’s yet to prove herself to them. Could this be her night? They ask her who she thinks her toughest competition is. She thinks it’s Willie and I agree, but the judges seem to think it’s Courtney. Ahran tells the judges that she thinks there’s some favoritism with Courtney and they get a little offended, but I have to agree. 

Youngest Challenge Winner

The chefs finish and the judges take one last look to identify the three best dishes. The winner will be in control of the elimination test. Courtney makes it known that she thinks she should be up there, but Ahran thinks she’s better than Courtney. It looks like there’s a rivalry heating up! They choose Francis B. to come up. He has a spicy seafood broth, and it’s great. The judges keep comparing it to being from a restaurant.

Next, they call up Ahran. I’m so happy for her, but Courtney is a little surprised. She has a spicy seafood stew, and it goes over really well.

Lastly, they call Christian up and he’s so excited. He’s from New Orleans and made a Creole BBQ Shrimp with grits, and Christian does New Orleans proud when the chefs give him a ton of praise. In the end, the judges name Ahran as the winner! She’s shocked. “You may be the youngest in the competition, but also one of the most feared,” Gordon Ramsay says.

Ahran follows the judges into the pantry for the elimination test, and she’s in control. She’s the youngest contestant to ever be in the pantry. The theme of the elimination test is “delicious, sweet treats.” Ahran is safe from the elimination test and has to pick what the others will cook. She picks between muffins, cookies and doughnuts. The judges ask who she’d like to take out of the competition first. She says Courtney because “I go to high school and deal with a lot of fake b*tches all the time.” I am loving this girl. Who knew a cooking competition would get so intense? The judges don’t seem to find it as hilarious as I do. She chooses to have the cooks make doughnuts. I had a feeling that she would. They all have to make 12 doughnuts and put them in a box.

Courtney’s Doughnut Difficulties

All of the cooks besides Ahran race off to start their doughnuts. This is an awesome challenge and the hardest parts are the yeast and the dough. Many of the chefs are stressed out. Things are especially tough for Courtney. She has to start over and has no yeast. Nobody will giver her any, and Ahran is chuckling from the balcony. Are Ahran’s dreams finally coming true? Scottish Francis finally gives Courtney yeast, and Ahran is pissed.

Doughnut Problems

Francis B. is also having some problems. His doughnuts aren’t rising and they do not look great. He says he has the flavors, but things are getting pretty worrisome. He made little balls instead of actual doughnuts. The other Francis, Scottish Francis, is having some problems too. The judges are seriously concerned that he’s making each doughnut its own flavor, but I think that’s awesome. Kira, meanwhile, actually forgot some ingredients in her doughnuts and will have a lot to make up for in her toppings. Leslie’s the only one who’s really looking great, though.

Ahran’s Choice

Ahran actually has one more huge advantage. She gets to save one more chef before the judging. Francis B. prays that she saves him. His doughnuts are not looking good. Ahran has a tough decision. She says that she could either save someone she actually likes or she can save someone she thinks she can beat. Will she go with her heart or her head? Francis B. practically begs her while she looks at his doughnuts. “I have no chance,” he whispers. I really hope she does the right thing.

Ahran chooses to save Francis B. Thank god! He is so relieved and says that he owes Ahran big time. Will this come back to haunt him later? Even though he had a terrible night, Francis B. is still one of the best chefs, and Ahran says that she wants to win MasterChef knowing that she beat the strongest chefs and not the weakest ones. I think that’s a great attitude.

Doughnut Tasting

The judges finally start their tasting, and Courtney is the first up and her doughnuts are really salty! Ahran is looking beyond pleased. “Clearly, her little Miss Perfect streak has been broken, because her doughnuts taste like sh*t,” Ahran says.

Leslie’s up next, and his doughnuts go over really well, and he’s never even made doughnuts before. Elizabeth does not seem too happy for him.

Kira’s up next and her doughnuts look great, but do they taste just as great? There isn’t really much filling in them. Elizabeth seems a little upset about this. They always seem to turn the camera on her. She makes the best faces while everyone else is being judged.

Victoria’s up next and it goes pretty well. Christine’s don’t go over that well, though. They taste good, but they don’t look that visually pleasing.

Daniel made a bit of a mistake. The judges ask where he went to school. He went to art school and clearly didn’t take any math classes. He made 16 doughnuts rather than 12! It’s pretty hilarious. They taste good, though. He’s “a beast with the sugar and yeast.”

Scottish Francis is up next. He made 12 doughnuts, each with its own flavor. I really want this to go well for him and it does. Gordon Ramsay laughs in disbelief at how good it is. “Very unique, just like you. Long live Scotland,” Ramsay says.

Cutter’s up next and he’s really nervous. He does not want to be in the bottom again. His doughnuts are small and uneven, and his chocolate glazing is broken. There’s no filling in his doughnuts. They don’t taste too bad, though. From the looks of it, Leslie’s pretty pleased that Cutter didn’t do too well.


The judges call up the two best doughnuts. Scottish Francis is the first to be called out. He’s so happy and says that anyone playing it safe should go home. He has a great point and a great attitude. The winning box goes to “Silver Fox” Leslie. They’re both safe from elimination and are both team captains in the next challenge.

The judges then call up the three worst home cooks. They call Kira, Cutter and Courtney. Despite being in the bottom again, Cutter is safe and it’s down to Kira and Courtney. Ultimately, Kira is sent home. Courtney’s safe, but will she find out about Ahran’s scheming and hold a grudge?

MasterChef airs Monday nights at 8pm on FOX.

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