From the very beginning on ABC’s The Bachelorette this season, there was no denying that DeAnna Pappas was immediately attracted to basketball player Graham Bunn.  While every other guy had to go to great lengths just to get her to notice him, Graham didn’t have to work hard at all.  DeAnna pursued him through much of the season and, at times, they two behaved like they were already in a relationship.  Graham had one problem, though.  He couldn’t seem to express himself and put his heart on the line the way the other guys could.  DeAnna couldn’t handle it and, worried that she would get her heart broken again, sent him home in this week’s shocking rose ceremony. 

Before he left, Graham gave her a letter with all the things he wanted to say.  The contents of the letter remain a mystery but the look on DeAnna’s face screamed to America, “I think I just made a big mistake.”  Today, Graham talked to reporters in a press conference call and dished on DeAnna, their connection, and who he thinks is going to win.

On the final episode of The Bachelorette that Graham appeared on, he and DeAnna couldn’t seem to get on the same page.  “I think that she and I suffered from a severe case of miscommunication,” he told reporters. “Where we were in the process may have been different because as much as she wanted me to say she was falling in love or wanted marriage …  never heard those things directed towards me in an individual setting.  We were definitely more on the same level than she knows.”

During Graham’s hometown date with DeAnna, he admitted that his parents didn’t get to spend a great deal of time with her but had a great impression of her.  “They were definitely cautious for me,” he said.  Graham said the shock factor was low when he headed back to North Carolina solo.  “My parents were not surprised that I did not come home with DeAnna as my fiance or my girlfriend.”  When asked why his parents weren’t surprised, Graham simply said, “We’re not right for each other.

After Twilley’s bold claim last week that Jesse would win DeAnna’s heart in the finale, reporters couldn’t help but ask Graham’s opinion.  He didn’t seem to be too shocked by the prediction.  “I definitely believe that Jason and Jeremy would make better partners to spend the rest of her life with,” he said.  “I don’t think you’re missing anything in the edit of Jesse.  I do think you’re missing something in the edit of DeAnna.”  Interesting…

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