Big Brother 9 will soon be a distant memory.  Reality TV is all about the moment.  It lacks nostalgia.  As soon as the new season of Big Brother begins, we’ll all (for the most part) forget about the sixteen house guests on Big Brother 9 and focus our attention on the shiny new Big Brother 10 players.  There’s nothing wrong with this, from an viewers’ perspective; in reality television, the past is the past.  That transition is much more difficult for the contestants themselves, who go from the flavor of the week to an afterthought.  What a house guest does after their season ends says a lot about how willing they are to make that transition.  Today, we take a look at some more Big Brother 9 house guests, and what they’ve been up to since the season ended.

Alex: For no apparent reason, Alex has a ton of fans from Canada.  Alex is still working for the DJ company he owns, throwing a number of parties every week.  The summer months are busy for parties, so most of his times has been taken up by work. 

Allison: I scrounged and scrounged, but could not find any new information about Allison.  My hunch is that she’s back home in Massachusetts working as a pharmaceutical sales rep. 

Matt:  It appears that there is a very good chance that Matt will be featured on Big Brother House Calls next season.  It’s down to either James or Matt, but it looks like Matt has the upper hand.  In addition, Matt has shamelessly been selling a horde of things on eBay, attempting to cash in on his fleeting “fame.”  He’s even selling fifteen minute phone calls.  Lame. 

Chelsia: From the looks of it, Chelsia is hanging out in Los Angeles, partying it up and having a good time.  She spent some time in Iowa after the season, then went back to LA.  She’ll most likely head back to Iowa for school in the Fall.  She and James are not spending time together as of now.

Joshuah:  Immediately after the season ended, Josh went back to work in Texas as an advertising media buyer, exactly where he left off before Big Brother.  He’s open to trying acting, or doing something in the media, but he seems content where he’s at. 

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
Source: MySpace, TVGrapevine, RealityBBQ
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Oscar Dahl

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