With six remaining men on The Bachelorette season 10, it’s becoming more apparent what kind of connection each guy has with Andi Dorfman. While both Nick and Josh remain on top of the competition, one seems to have questionable motives and the other seems to be hiding a secret after his obvious frustration over the lie detector test in this week’s episode. Check out what host Chris Harrison, Bachelorette season 8 star Emily Maynard and Andi herself think of these two men.

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What They Had to Say About Josh

Andi Dorfman on Josh: “He clearly was not happy about the test. There’s a big part of me that understood why he didn’t like the lie detector test but it wasn’t as if I had even read his results. I wanted it to be fun, but it clearly frustrated Josh, which in turn frustrated me because I had just come off a great date with him in Marseilles. I really wanted to pick up where we left off, but clearly we were both frustrated that night. I will say that there were still some good parts of the conversation that you didn’t get to see, but I still walked away from my conversation with Josh feeling defeated and confused… [But] hearing Josh talk about how he didn’t feel great about our last conversation made me feel like we were both on the same page again. I remember feeling better after talking with him.”

Chris Harrison on Josh: “Andi was pretty shocked at just how personal Josh took this and how upset he got. Andi and Josh were already on the rocks from last week and this behavior didn’t help. Josh knows Andi has a bit of a trust problem with him being an athlete, and I think he’s a little defensive about that. He feels he hasn’t given her any reason not to be trusted. So he really took it personally that Andi would ask him to take a lie detector test. When Andi got the results she tore them up so nobody would ever see them. Maybe a good move, but one I know she kind of regrets. She told me later she really would’ve liked to have seen what the guys had to say. She knew it wasn’t going to be anything earth shattering,but it would’ve been fun.”

Emily Maynard on Josh: “When I see Andi and Josh together it seems like they’ve been together for a long time. It could be wishful thinking because they look so beautiful together, but I just don’t the same connection with the other guys” 

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What They Had to Say About Nick

Andi Dorfman on Nick: “Nick stealing me first [before the rose ceremony] was a bold move to make. I really loved seeing him take the initiative and I wished all the guys could step up like that.” 

Chris Harrison on Nick: “The situation with Nick is one that I see a lot on the show. At what point are you just being bold, strong, and looking for love and at what point are you being rude or disrespectful? Nick hasn’t shied away from anything he’s said or done and completely owned up to it with Andi. If he’s denied it or acted like he was being bullied, it would have been a disaster for him, but instead he’s open and honest and flat out told Andi exactly how he feels. As you saw, Andi loved it and it only got deeper and better from her perspective at the rose ceremony. Nick and Andi have something strong between them, and he easily got the rose…  It was a surprise to the guys that Nick jumped up with a rose already on his chest and grabbed Andi first. As the guys put it, a total “Nick” move. But herein lies the problem: Did you see and hear Andi’s reaction? She loved it and said ‘that is a man.'” 

Emily Maynard on Nick: “I don’t think Nick knew what he was getting himself into. Anyone who has ever seen the show knows that you should never go back to house and brag about your date because it’s just an open invitation for all the other guys to throw you under the bus! Even though I’m a huge fan of the show, it still makes me wonder what makes people (myself included!) feel like they have to tell someone they’re falling in love on a second date. That would never happen in real life! (Side note: My opinion is there is a very convincing producer behind most of these confessions!)” 

Do you like Nick’s bold gestures? What do you think is Josh hiding? If it came down to Nick and Josh, who do you think will Andi pick? 

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