On tonight’s episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County, Shannon’s marital problems become public knowledge thanks to Tamra. Heather and Shannon’s relationship hits another snag. Tamra and Eddie receive a bundle of joy.

It Takes One to Know One

Shannon continues to confide in Tamra about her marriage being in shambles. The most disturbing aspect is that her husband broke the news that he wants out via e-mail instead of having the balls to say it to her face.

Tamra, having been married twice before and having had her second marriage dissolve while filming, does make her an ideal confidant. She’s sympathetic to what Shannon is going through. On the downside, Shannon is going to someone who’s been married three times for advice.

Shannon tells Tamra the problems probably started roughly six or seven years earlier, when the two started sleeping apart due to Shannon’s allergies and subsequent sinus surgeries. Her constant coughing made it difficult for the two to share the same bed. The cough went away, but David never came back. 

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Newport News

While at Tamra’s, Shannon receives a text from David telling her that he, or somebody he knows, overheard Heather talking about David’s e-mail to a table full of women at a local restaurant. Tamra immediately denies having broken Shannon’s confidence which we all know is a lie. She told Heather point black that Shannon was having marital problems. What’s the point in lying when it’s all going to come out at the reunion anyway?

What’s really confusing is that even when speaking directly to the camera, as the women often do to narrate or expand on events, Tamra swears that blabbing about Shannon’s personal life to Heather, when the two women don’t get along, would make her an asshole. But you did blab Tamra, you did. Maybe the testosterone is affecting her memory.

Shannon says she believes Tamra but is flummoxed how the word got out.

As quickly as it seemed as if Shannon and David were dunzo, David appears to have a change of heart. He’s not ready to throw in the towel just yet, but he certainly motivated Shannon to put her best foot forward from here on out. Unfortunately, what should have been a private matter is now gossip among the elite of Newport Beach.

You Know You Did It, Just Admit It

Shannon is determined to protect her children from false rumors, or more likely to save face, so she heads to the Dubrow house. Shannon confronts Heather trying to find out what she knows, and who she got her information from. Heather dismisses Shannon’s inquiry as if the words were never uttered, and says that she thought that when Shannon showed up unannounced, she might be coming by to apologize.

Shannon can’t begin to imagine what she has to apologize for, and the two rehash the ugly spat that occurred at the Beadors’ holiday party. The accusation that Heather told Tamra to “pick a side” can be summed up as an adult case of the game telephone. Now Shannon finds herself apologizing to Heather once again.

Shannon manages to work her way back to her agenda. Heather tells her that she and Tamra had lunch, Shannon’s name came up, and Tamra said that Shannon might be drinking too much, and her marriage was falling apart. Heather can’t understand why if Tamra’s the culprit that Shannon’s searching for, what she’s doing ringing her doorbell.

Shannon plays the mommy card trying to illicit some sympathy from Heather, who just isn’t having it. Heather makes it clear that this whole melodrama is simply none of her business. She advises Shannon to go take care of her family and politely throws her out. Heather feels Shannon’s aggression is misplaced.

Bringing Up Baby

With Eddie still dragging his feet when it comes to fatherhood, Tamra decides to give him a push by ordering a practice infant. This is one high tech baby boy. It’s even equipped to report whether it is Tamra or Eddie who change a diaper or feed him his bottle. While Tamra is all “game on,” Eddie’s finding a hard time taking it seriously naming his robot progeny “Astro.”

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Mea Culpa

The time comes for Tamra to face Shannon. Even though Shannon went looking for confirmation from Heather, she knew all along Tamra betrayed her trust. An easy deduction to make given Tamra was the only one she told. Heather gave her buddy a heads up after Shannon’s home invasion, so Tamra decided the best, and really only course of action, was to reach out to the woman.

Tamra apologizes profusely and tells Shannon that her intention was not to be cruel. She says that the news came out as a result of Tamra asking Heather to give Shannon a break which is true.

While Tamra is kissing Beador butt, Heather and Terry are discussing the situation with Lizzie. Heather downplays her actions, but she does admit to sharing what Tamra told her with some of her other girlfriends. Although, according to her, rumors were already spreading about the couple. Lizzie doesn’t agree with what Heather did but isn’t about to fall out with her over it either.

Now that Tamra has owned up to her part in the whole mess, she quickly throws Heather under the bus telling Shannon she swore her to secrecy, and Heather promised not to breathe a word. C’mon! Nobody adheres to that code of ethics. Nobody with breasts, anyway.

Somehow, Tamra comes out smelling, if not like a rose, at least like a mild plug in air freshener, and Heather is the bad guy. Tamra’s acting all shocked and shaken over Heather’s behavior. She’s certainly not about to shine the spotlight back on herself.

Heather isn’t a total heartless bitch. She did text Shannon the night of their quarrel and express some sympathy for what she was going through. Too bad she had to finish it with “Your problem is not with me.”

TMI moment of the show? A naked Brooks and Vicki getting massages in Mexico. I’ll never eat Tacos again.

The Real Housewives of Orange County airs Mondays at 9 pm on Bravo.

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