It’s the third episode of The Bachelorette and things are starting to get juicy!

This week featured lots of kissing, a family emergency that sends one suitor home and a possible scandal involving a waitress’ phone number.

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One would have expected the conversation to be all about Andrew and #WaitressGate after Episode 3, but interestingly, Andi doesn’t even mention it by name in her blog.

So, what did everyone think of the the third week of Andi’s quest to find a husband? Find out what some key members of The Bachelorette family thought below.

Andi Dorfman on her date with Nick: “During our picnic, I could tell Nick was nervous, but I found it endearing. While we were hiking, I knew I wanted to show Nick this special place to watch the sunset, but what you didn’t get to see was that we actually had to climb through a narrow hole in a rock wall to get there. Once we got through that and were enjoying the sunset, that’s when Nick went in for our first kiss and it was so passionate and romantic. Later that night, we met at the beautiful Santa Barbara courthouse for dinner. Throughout dinner I found myself relating to Nick in so many ways. On a mental level, we were definitely connected, and for many reasons, it was an easy decision to give Nick the rose on the date.”

Chris Harrison on Andi’s unique date with J.J.: “Andi’s date with J.J. was an ambitious one. It had the potential of being a really great day or a really, really bad day. When Andi chose J.J., with all his energy, we all were pretty confident she had made a great choice. Once all the hair and makeup was done it was totally spot-on. My question for Andi and J.J. is, ‘What in the world is up with those voices?’ Apparently Andi and J.J. think that when you get old you whisper in a really creepy voice.”

Andi Dorfman on Ron’s departure: “Hearing the sad news about Ron really made my heart ache for him. He was such a fun guy who definitely would have gotten a rose that week, but I understood that he had to go home during that difficult time. The rose ceremony involved a lot more drama then I knew about! But there were some really sweet and romantic moments during the cocktail party too. Nick sending flowers was romantic, unexpected and yet so simple. I think it showed how realistic Nick was in this process. What I mean by that is, Nick made an effort to make this process feel more like we were dating back in Chicago. I really appreciated that, and as a woman, that’s definitely how I want to be treated.”

Chris Harrison on the Andrew drama: “There’s a bit of a disagreement as to what happened but here’s how I see it: Andrew hit on a waitress and got her digits, then bragged about it to all the guys. Or a waitress shoved her number in Andrew’s hand and he mentioned it to the guys but he’s not sure why anyone is even talking about it. Either way, here’s my question for the boys: If it’s such a big deal and it bothered them so much, why didn’t anyone say anything the moment it happened? I look forward to getting to the bottom of this at The Men Tell All special. One last nugget from the Andrew incident. Josh delivered one of my favorite lines that a guy can ever say in an argument: ‘I’m a grown-ass man!’ I’ve heard this many times over the years and it never ceases to leave an impression on me. For the record if you have to tell people you’re a ‘grown-ass man,’ well…”

Why do you think Andi didn’t mention Andrew specifically in her blog? Is it because the situation is addressed in the next episode?

The Bachelorette airs Monday nights at 8pm on ABC.

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