Hell’s Kitchen has to be one of the safest places to eat. As we’ve seen on FOX’s Hell’s Kitchen, restaurant goers never know whether they will get fed, orders disappear, there’s yelling and slamming of utensils. Sometimes they even leave hungry. But this is part of the experience. While in any other setting the behavior would be viewed as bad service, result in awful reviews and the closing of its doors, Ramsay gets away with it. Diners are there because of Ramsay. This hot-headed chef believes in standards and playing it safe. It’s his reputation on the line. And while it makes for an entertaining hour of television, we’d totally go there to dine because Hell’s Kitchen is the safest restaurant you’ll ever visit.

Food is Cooked to Perfection

For a dish to make it to the customer, the food must be properly cooked. How many times have we seen Ramsay feel the meat and return it to the cooks? If meat is cold, the meat gets slammed into the trash. I really hate to see that happen to a Wellington but it shows the dedication Ramsay has for food reaching the table right.

Ramsay knows that people come to enjoy well-prepared food. He holds his chefs to high standards. Of course, if one of these clowns expects to work for Gordon Ramsay, his standards must be met. That means properly cooked meat and scallops. No Salmonella worry here. 

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Stalk-Free Salads

How many times have you gone to a restaurant and found lettuce stalks in a salad? That won’t happen at a Gordon Ramsay restaurant. It seems like only yesterday that the guys got in trouble for serving lettuce with a lettuce stalk (I won’t use the proper term). Wait, it happens every season on Hell’s Kitchen! Every year someone makes this mistake and every year Ramsay corrects it.

The customer pays for food not stalks. When one gets returned to Ramsay, he lets the offending chef know. That chef could be hanging up his jacket that night. Maybe all owners should follow Ramsay’s lead and make the chefs apologize personally for serving stalks.

No Deadly Mix-ups

Ramsay never forgets that people can have an allergic reaction to certain foods. We’ve seen him taste a dish and recognize fish and steak have mixed. We’ve seen him pull vegetarian dishes because chicken stock has been used in the dish. One season on Hell’s Kitchen, the chef implied the mistake was no big deal. Ramsay told him that someone could have died as he exited the kitchen. Ramsay has an excellent palate that catches everything. Ramsay understands that allergies can kill. He makes sure that people know what they’re getting when it arrives at the table.

Let’s face it, his kitchens are some of the most sophisticated you see on television. He also understands that dedicated vegetarians will never touch anything that has chicken or beef associated with it. He respects these restrictions and makes his chefs aware of the concern. Under his watch, a customer will never almost die, have a reaction, or be exposed to anything that they didn’t expect. 

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The Ramsay Reputation Protects Its Patrons 

Hell’s Kitchen bears the name of Gordon Ramsay. He’s stated that over and over as he slams dishes down in front of the cooks or reminds them of the prize. When a restaurant has Ramsay’s name on it, his reputation is at stake with every dish.

Ramsay makes the contestants prove themselves nightly. If a chef doesn’t improve, there’s the door. We’ve seen chefs who can’t change leave during a dinner service. We’ve seen melt-downs that have led to early dismissals. We’ve seen tantrums and tears that have not affected Ramsay’s decision and dismissal. If you aren’t able to handle the heat, get out because you could hurt Hell’s Kitchen’s reputation.

Clearly Chef Gordon Ramsay takes pride in his reputation and will protect it at all costs– leaving its patrons in the best hands possible.

A-1 Rating

While viewers laugh when customers don’t eat, we know that the food that does arrive is excellent because it bears Ramsay’s name. Anyone who leads a brigade must be a force of cooking nature who can hold their own against lesser chefs. Watching the kitchen may be fun but it also allows all to see the important Ramsay puts on getting dishes out right.

So would you eat in a restaurant where food is served right or not at all? Do you want to eat at Hell’s Kitchen and enjoy the side show of watching inept cooks learn the business? 

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Linda Martindale

Contributing Writer, BuddyTV