Now that Clint and JJ’s bromance is over, we can now focus on yet another controversial matter on The Bachelorette. This week it’s the return of Nick Viall, also known as Andi Dorfman’s season 10 runner-up who questioned her about having sex in the fantasy suite but not choosing him for the final rose. Let’s face it, considering everything that has happened last season, Nick is not exactly likable. And to pursue Kaitlyn Bristowe mid-season on The Bachelorette is probably not fair to Kaitlyn’s other suitors and paints Nick in even more bad light. While most viewers don’t agree with Kaitlyn’s decision to bring Nick into the fold, there are a chosen few who deem Nick’s arrival as a breath of fresh air. Bachelor Nation weighs in below:

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Chris Harrison: “As soon as I saw her eyes light up when Kaitlyn met Nick, I knew it was over. It was also apparent to me that Nick knew he was in. He was playing the situation perfectly; he didn’t press too hard, but just hard enough to let Kaitlyn know he was serious. It was a forgone conclusion that we were all going to be in a post-Nick world once again very soon… Kaitlyn really took a massive risk of losing everything by letting Nick stay. I’m not sure she even understands today what the full ramifications of her actions were that day. The ripple effect of that one decision will be something we talk about for quite some time.”

Josh Murray: “Ouch, I guess she’s not really into the other guys, what a slap in the face, but that’s her call.” 

Andi Dorfman: “One word…. RUN! Okay two… RUN FAST! Really wishing I had the superpower of reaching through my TV right now. “

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Ali Fedotowsky: “I am so pumped he is back. And as you can see from Kaitlyn’s face, she is pretty pumped too. This is the look of a girl in total lust! And being in lust is ok, that’s what ‘LOVE at first sight’ is in the beginning… I know many of you are pissed that Nick waited so long to come on the show but I assure you it was not his choice to wait. That decision was absolutely the producers decision and it creates good drama right when the show needs it on most seasons – around episode 4 and 5. Usually most of the douche bags are gone by week 4 – however, Kaitlyn had more tools than the average season so it’s taking her a bit longer to get rid of hers. But now this new story line creates more juicy drama for the episodes ahead. If I were the guys, I’d WANT Nick there to make sure that I’m actually the right one for her.” 

Sharleen Joynt: “I honestly don’t see the fuss about Kaitlyn letting Nick join her posse of man meat. I don’t see it as disrespectful to the men at all. How is it less disrespectful than going on a group date and kissing several of the men in the same vicinity, the very same evening? Let’s be honest, these are not normal circumstances where normal rules can be applied… The mere fact that Kaitlyn kept Nick spoke volumes about her attraction to–and investment in–him… Kaitlyn has gotten a lot of flak for this decision, so there’s got to be something powerful there. And frankly, that ‘something’ seems like a whole lot of chemistry.”

Brady Toops: “Nick, you got a lot of courage doing that.. walking into a mine field.” 

Meanwhile, Kaitlyn Bristowe has a message to all her critics out there.

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