It’s been a season of birthdays on The Real Housewives of New York City and the ladies are in the midst of celebrating Dorinda’s 50th in the Berkshires. They have barely gotten through her birthday dinner when Bethenny and Heather started butting heads. Maybe they can work out their issues before cake and ice cream, but it’s doubtful.

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The Berkshires Drama Continues

We last saw both Bethenny and Heather in tears after a weird explosion at the dinner table. Heather pushed all of Bethenny’s buttons, and in true Bethenny fashion, she lashed right back at her.

In this episode, “Pop of Candy,” after she has a chance to cool off, Bethenny gets up and gives Heather a hug. She tells her she doesn’t want her attention or her attempts to fix her; she just needs to be left alone to deal with all of her personal issues in her own way. Bethenny apologizes for setting up a strange dynamic and Heather says she’ll back off.

But Heather isn’t very good at backing off. As soon as she sits down, she and LuAnn talk about Bethenny’s blow-up, while Bethenny is still sitting across from them. Bethenny calls LuAnn out and tells her to not talk about her while she’s sitting right there. The Countess gives her best “Who, me?” look but does shut up.

When Heather and Kristen excuse themselves, it’s clear that Heather isn’t over her little tiff. She thinks that Bethenny is a snob and that she pushes people away, but she should realize who she’s dealing with. Heather needs to maybe let this one go, especially since the fight was over something so petty.

Bethenny, on the other hand, tries to laugh things off with Sonja. She makes a toast to Dorinda, saying that you know your dinner party has a problem when Sonja’s the most sane person there.

Avery’s Advice

Avery is back for winter break, so Ramona greets her at the train station. Later, when she’s unpacking, Ramona talks to Avery about the possibility of her getting back together with Mario. Avery has a surprisingly adult answer (well, maybe not so surprising; Avery’s always seemed to be mature for her age). She tells Ramona that she loves her no matter what and she should make whatever decision she needs to make to be happy.

Ramona says that, ultimately, she would like to work things out with Mario and solve the problems in their marriage, but she doesn’t think that’s a possibility right now.

Bethenny invites Sonja to her Skinny Girl brand summit. She tells Sonja that she wants her to be able to see how things work when they get big. Sonja admittedly didn’t know exactly what she was getting into when she showed up, but she takes copious notes and appreciates Bethenny’s gesture to help her.

Meanwhile, Kristen is starting her own nail polish line. She brings Carole to her meeting with Ricky’s makeup store owner to brainstorm some names for the polishes. Carole’s suggestions for nail polish names are a little too racy (like “Thrust” and “Slide”). Kristen was thinking of something more PC like “Date Night” as a nail polish color.

Bethenny, Ramona, Carole and Dorinda meet for dinner and drinks. They mostly talk about what went down in the Berkshires. Bethenny reiterates that she doesn’t want a therapy session or to be coddled. When Carole suggests that Heather is a problem solver and a nurturer, Bethenny says she’s not being so much nurturing as she’s being overbearing. It makes Carole uncomfortable that everyone’s talking about her best friend in that way, so she tries to change the subject.

Ramona tells them all about the party she’s throwing at her new restaurant. She says that there are going to be a bunch of hot single men there. Somehow, the topic gets changed to three-ways and, yadda yadda yadda, Ramona’s asking for the check.

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Bethenny vs. Everyone

All the ladies, minus Sonja (she must be in Gstaad for the weekend), show up for Ramona’s AOA Restaurant party. In her confessional, Ramona says she’s especially happy that she and Bethenny have been getting along so well. They lament over their bad first impression of Heather. Ramona says Heather’s eyes say one thing and her mouth says another, which is actually pretty accurate.

Now it’s Kristen’s turn to be mad at Bethenny. Carole tells Kristen that Bethenny called her dumb when she found out she hadn’t trademarked her Pop of Color nail polish brand. Obviously, Kristen isn’t pleased to hear this. She would hope that Bethenny would give her support and advice about starting her own brand instead of giving criticism behind her back.

LuAnn very passive-aggressively tells Bethenny how worried she was after her outburst of tears at dinner. Bethenny isn’t happy by the way she’s speaking to her and tells her to shoot straight instead of delivering ugly things in pretty packages.

While those two are having it out, Kristen comes over to confront Bethenny. Both LuAnn and Bethenny tell her to back off and let them finish. Kristen is offended that she’s constantly being boxed out.

When they do get a chance to talk, Kristen tells Bethenny what Carole told her about the nail polish. Bethenny’s face at first shows disinterest and then disbelief. She stops Kristen and excuses herself from the conversation. Kristen can’t believe that Bethenny isn’t sitting there to listen to her petty BS. Bethenny says if she’s sitting there watching a person loading a gun, she’s not going to stay around to get shot. So she leaves the conversation.

Her final confrontation of the night is with Heather. She really wants to sort things out with Heather because she likes her, and for whatever reason their wires just got crossed. She apologizes again for blowing up and Heather gets the message to back off.

At least those two seem to be on the same page. For now. 


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