TV show intros have the power to really put you in the mood for a show. When you hear them, they can often bring back fond memories of a time when you were really into a certain series or just a specific time of your life. Because they’re so important, a bad intro is that much worse to sit through. They don’t always ruin the show entirely, but can get pretty damn close, and will without a doubt be skipped past. Here are some of the worst TV show intros I’ve ever seen.

The Mindy Project

I may be a little biased, because I never really liked the show. But I really believe that the reason for that is in part because of its terrible intro. I have no idea what this music (if you can even call it that) is supposed to be, but it is God-awful. Every time I’ve seen the show, the annoying song stays in my head throughout the episode, and just leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Aside from the song, the credits sliding in to screen from every direction with random clips of Mindy Kaling running around town feels really corny.


Great show, pointless intro. I get that it’s got the ominous music and the darkness and everything which is clearly thematic with the show. But seriously, what the hell. Why are the letters blurred and floating sideways across the screen? I know you can do better than that, JJ Abrams.

Hell’s Kitchen

Truly one of the corniest intros ever. Sure, the contestants aren’t actors so you can’t really expect much from them, but that’s exactly why a reality show shouldn’t try and be ambitious with its intro. Not only is the “fire” music way too cliche, but the contestants looks of “fear” as they roam the jungle or wherever they’re set is too hard to watch. The show’s got plenty of intense moments that could be compiled to make the intro with a better song, but this is just a swing-and-a-miss.

New Girl

Just so we’re clear, I’m talking about the NEW New Girl intro. There isn’t anything especially awful about this intro, it’s short and to the point. It just really bothers me that after four seasons, they decide to get rid of the staple intro we’ve all grown to love. The original was bright, quirky and awkward, just like Zooey Deschanel‘s character. It was perfect. The new one just features the tune of the original song and what looks like a bunch of promotional portrait shots of the cast. Boooo. Bring back the original.


If you haven’t seen this show, it’s incredible. But please, don’t let this boring, black and white, news-heavy intro turn you away. In an otherwise intense and gripping drama, their intro lacks much to be desired. Seriously, what was Showtime thinking? This seems like one of those things that sounded better in theory. Aside from clips of news, it also features dialogue from the very first episode. None of which is so gripping that it gets you in the mood for the show. It also sort of abruptly ends with a helicopter flying away. If you manage to stay awake through it, the show makes up for it.

What TV intro do you hate and wish was changed? 

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Kartik Chainani

Contributing Writer, BuddyTV