The Real Housewives of New York City has already been a roller coaster ride (a Ramona Coaster, if you will). Bethenny’s confronted demons from her past while reconciling the ones she’s dealing with now. While her issues have brought her and the older cast members together, it seems to have alienated some of the new ladies. Let’s see if Bethenny can mend some fences in this episode, “The Cavi-Art of War.”

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Campaign for Carole

Ramona and Dorinda meet for dinner. Ramona tells her about all the parties she’s going to and all of the single men she’s meeting, even though Mario is begging for her to take him back. Kick his ass to the curb, girl; we’ve already seen how much better you can do and you’ve only been single for a hot second.

Ramona is still feeling chilly about Dorinda’s boyfriend, John, even though they’re all taking a trip to the Berkshires to celebrate Dorinda’s birthday. Ramona puts it rather tactfully when she says John is not someone a lot of people would like to be seated next to at a dinner party.

Carole puts on her business bitch blazer and has a political strategy meeting because she’s running to be on the board of her apartment building. She invites Heather and Jonathan as well as Ramona and a whole team of political strategists to help her campaign. Her goal is to get a new voice on the board and focus on transparency.

Bethenny meets with Dr. Amador again to discuss her trip to Miami. She tries to shut down emotionally, but Dr. Amador manages to get her to talk to him about the trauma she endured as a child. She talks about seeing her stepfather beat up her mother and how that made her feel. He says it’s important to acknowledge her past and use it to try and understand her present and future. Bethenny admits she needs to open up more if she’s ever going to move on, even though it’s exhausting.


Sonja’s having a party to celebrate the launch of her fashion line and her cover of Latino Show magazine. Although the ladies are a little confused as to what Sonja has to do with Latino anything, they’re impressed by the dress she’s wearing (her own design) and her spread in the magazine. Except Heather, who remains suspicious. She asks someone on Team Sonja who they’re selling to and he still doesn’t have any answers. When Heather asks if it’s K-Mart, Sonja’s offended. As she probably should be. That was not-so-subtle shade.

At Carole’s apartment, all of the ladies are waiting for the results of her board election. She asks Ramona about a date she went on, but Ramona refuses to spill any details.

Kristen pulls Sonja aside to congratulate her on her fashion line. She also apologizes to Sonja for giving her such a hard time over the last few years, and she wants to be a supportive friend, not a naysayer. Sonja appreciates the apology and is really glad that Kristen finally sees where she’s coming from.

Heather tries to get to know Bethenny a bit more but chooses to do so in a rather personal manner. She asks Bethenny about the custody agreement she has with her ex and how often she gets to see her daughter. Bethenny says Heather was being a bit too nosy, and the best way to get to know her is not by probing her with questions about the most terrible thing that’s ever happened in her life.

Carole finally gets the call from the board and she got elected. Yay for her! Yay for rich people!

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Shopping Breakdown

Bethenny brings Carole with her to shop for furniture for her new apartment because she liked her style. Carole tells Bethenny that she’s really into Adam and more comfortable around him than she’s been with any man in the past.

Bethenny asks Carole if the other women think she’s standoffish. Carole says that sounds accurate. Bethenny gets emotional then because she’s torn. She wants to have relationships with these women, but only her daughter comes first. She says she lives for her daughter and she just can’t do what she can’t do. She wants to be at Dorinda’s in the Berkshires for her birthday, but she just can’t leave her daughter on a weekend she’s supposed to have her. Carole, while not someone usually in a nurturing role, consoles her without hugging. The two seem to have developed a natural rapport and I’m not surprised. They’re the two “cool girls” of the group.

The Countess is throwing a pre-birthday birthday party for Dorinda in the city before they all head to the Berkshires. Things get awkward when John leaves the table because Ramona and LuAnn start to talk about him. They squabble back and forth about a conversation they had off camera, and poor Dorinda is stuck in the middle. When he comes back from the bathroom, they continue to talk about him like he’s not even there. It’s so strange and I’m not even really sure what the conversation is about. But what’s clear is that LuAnn and Ramona are at odds again.

And LuAnn and Ramona will butt heads again next time in the Berkshires.

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