Tamra Judge revealed that she had not one, not two but five boob jobs since her early 20s and claims she has no regrets about going under the knife.

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“It is what it is,” the Real Housewives of Orange County star told People. “It’s a personal choice and for me. I don’t do it for the public or my husband. It’s something you do to make yourself feel better.” 

The 47-year-old reality star went through her first breast augmentation surgery after she had her first child because she “just wanted a little perk.”  This turned out to be a catalyst for more plastic surgeries down the road.

 “Then I got them done after my third kid. I thought that instead of getting a lift, I’d fill in the extra skin,” she explained. “That was a big mistake because then they were too big.”

Judge eventually had her breasts reduced and then later completely removed the implants. Recently, however, she had a change of heart and opted to put them back in.

“This time, because I work out so much and most breast tissue is just body fat, I decided to get very small implants,” she said. “They’re very, very small for a little bit of fullness.”

According to Judge, she enjoyed having various breast sizes throughout the years. 

“When they were big in the ’90s, I loved them!” she said. “And then, it’s a lifestyle thing I guess, as you get older you don’t want those big giant boobs.

The Real Housewives of Orange County season 10 premieres June 8 on Bravo.

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Dean Bextor

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