In Week 6 of The Bachelorette, Andi Dorfman and her remaining eight suitors traveled to Venice, Italy.

Nick and Cody received the 1-on-1 dates, while Brian, Chris, Dylan, J.J., Josh and Marcus got the group date.

As usual on The Bachelorette, the group date featured the guys doing an unusual activity. This time the activity was taking a lie detector test, administered by the top experts in the field in Italy. Or something like that.

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Immediately after hearing what the group date would entail, Josh started getting visibly upset.

He loudly voiced his opinion that Andi should trust him. Why should she need a lie detector test in order to get the truth from him? He has always been truthful to her … so he claimed.

Throughout the rest of the group date, Josh continued to bring up the fact that having them take lie detector tests was not cool. When Andi decided to rip up the guys’ results, Josh practically fainted with relief.

So did Josh overreact to the lie detector test?

The answer to that is a big fat YES, and unfortunately, it seems like his overreaction is something that will have serious repercussions on his relationship with Andi.

Josh should have realized that the tone of group dates is always fun and casual. If anything these dates are meant to embarrass the guys … but never to seriously derail their relationship with Andi. Look at the group dates this season: singing with Boyz II Men, playing basketball against WNBA stars and miming on the streets of France. All harmless and all in the name of good fun.

And look at the questions the guys were being asked. Things like, “Do you wash your hands after going to the bathroom?” or “Are you good in bed?”

Of course there were some legitimate questions in there such as, “Are you here for the right reasons?” but mostly they were funny questions. Even this didn’t convince Josh that both Andi and the lie detector guys were not out to get him.

Another way of gauging whether he overreacted is by examining the reactions of the other guys. None of them came remotely close to reacting how Josh did. In fact, most of them joked about the test.

Josh’s rationale for not approving of the lie detector test was that Andi shouldn’t need to test him in order to trust him. To anyone listening to him repeat this over and over, it became clear that this was just his excuse. The real reason he didn’t want to do the test? He’s hiding something.

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But what is he hiding? There’s no way to know for sure, but we can narrow it down to something that was covered in the lie detector test. Because if it was something that was not covered in the test, then Josh would have breathed a sigh of relief when it was over. But he was clearly still nervous when Andi was debating whether or not to read the results.

I’m going to guess that Josh lied about something that he has made a big deal about to Andi– the fact that he didn’t date a lot of women and has never cheated on a girlfriend. With the way he was freaking out, his lie was clearly something that he knew would upset Andi.

Of course, the other big lie could be whether or not he is here for the right reasons. Isn’t that what Andi wonders about every guy?

The bottom line is that Josh took a date that was supposed to be lighthearted and fun and, due to his own insecurities, managed to make it weird and raise a red flag for Andi.

If only she hadn’t ripped up those results!

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Lindsay Podolak

Contributing Writer, BuddyTV