This Monday night, a new season of The Bachelorette kicks off on ABC, starring DeAnna Pappas. Bachelor fans remember DeAnna well, as the woman that Brad Womack was supposed to propose to on The Bachelor, but dumped instead. She’ll get a new chance at love when 25 men from across the country come to win her heart. This season features a new twist. She’ll be able to ask some of the men to live with her, in order to get to know them better. Her Bachelor co-star, Jenni Croft, will help her narrow down the group of men on the first night at the house as well. Today, DeAnna spoke to the press about the upcoming season, dealing with her past, and looking towards the future.

Each time a commercial airs for The Bachelorette, it begins by showing DeAnna’s heartache when Brad dumped her on The Bachelor. Though hard to watch, she reflects back on that time and offered some perspective. “I was really confused when it happens. But after it was all over, said and done with, I was actually very happy that Brad stood up for what he believed in and didn’t propose to someone just because he was under pressure,” Pappas told the press. “I’m thankful that he didn’t propose to me. Everything happens for a reason and I’m where I am today because of all of that and I’m very happy for that.”

When DeAnna found out that she would be the next Bachelorette, she was flattered to have been chosen out of all the women in America. “I’m so thankful, grateful and I am truly a lucky person. I thank God every day I wake up,” she said. Despite her bad experience on The Bachelor with Brad Womack, she vowed not to make any of the men this season pay for it. “It’s hard, with such a great group of guys, to be tough on anyone,” said Pappas. “It’s all about everybody having fun and finding love.”  She also said that she has no ill feelings towards Brad and wishes him nothing but the best.

According to Pappas, ABC did a great job of finding her 25 men who she was attracted to and fit her tastes. She did say, however, what kind of men turn her off. “I cannot date someone who smokes. That’s a definite no-no,” she admitted. “If he’s wishy-washy and doesn’t know what he wants, that’s another no-no. Anything else, I’m pretty open to.”

When Pappas was announced as the next Bachelorette by ABC, she met up with Bachelorette couple Trista and Ryan Sutter. “She’s like the poster child for The Bachelorette,” Pappas said. “She gave me some pretty good advice: Follow my heart and be true to myself. I can only hope to have a successful relationship like she has.”

Pappas would not say whether or not she chose someone in the finale but did say that she was happy with the outcome.  She lives her life without regrets and went into The Bachelorette fully committed to the process.  The show kicks off its fourth season premiere on Monday, May 19th with a special two hour episode, beginning at 9pm ET.

– Gina Scarpa, BuddyTV Staff Writer
Source: ABC
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