Now that season two of MTV’s bisexual reality dating series is well underway, the most popular lady in MySpace has gotten enough attention to land herself on the cover of Blender Magazine.  The 27-year-old singer/reality celebrity recently flew to Atlanta to attend a gig at the nightclub Studio 72 and have a chat the with Blender Magazine’s Chris Norris, who described her as “a hentai Tinkerbell in a shimmering cocktail sheath.”

In the interview with Blender Magazine, Tila Tequila talked about how difficult it was growing up and her life now as one of the most popular reality TV celebrities.

First up, Tila showed her tattoos, which she says were symbols of the major struggles she had to overcome in her life.  The tattoo on her shoulder depicts a winged musical note on top of crossed machine guns, which “symbolize my time growing up in Texas,” she says.

“They represent that hard lifestyle I used to live, and the music represents my new life, where I’m more feminine and there’s more hope,” Tila explained.  The MySpace vixen was actually born in Singapore, but her parents moved to Houston, Texas, where she was raised.

“My parents were really struggling with their life, working at the swap meet in Texas,” Tila recalled.  “I worked there with them.  When other kids used to sleep, I’d have to wake up at 6 in the morning to help them set up outside.”

This forced her to become aware of the hard work and struggle at a very young age.

“I was embarrassed growing up.  I was very popular at school, but no one knew that I was very poor,” she admitted.  “So I had these two lifestyles that I had to keep up.”

Tila has grown to handle multiple lifestyles at the same time, as Linda Strawberry, a musician Tila met four years ago and eventually became the MySpace star’s best friend, says.

“The perception of her is this crazy bikini model, but she’s a lot different from her public persona,” Linda said.  “She’s got this duplicity in her reality—she struggles with the world’s perception of her.  I think she could really shed her persona after this show and become in public who she is in private.”

Moreover, Tila Tequila reveals that she knew of her bisexuality way before she hit puberty.

“I think every girl is born bisexual.  Before I was 10, I had had experiences with girls,” she admitted.  “I didn’t have my first kiss with a guy until I was 15.  I was with women long before that.”

MTV’s A Shot at Love with Tila Tequila is proof that Tila is one hardcore bisexual woman, contrary to the rumors circulating that she’s just experimenting.  Nonetheless it seems that Tila is enjoying the company of both the men and women on the show.

“You’re in a house with 35 people, you can’t make calls, no magazines or Internet, so every day you’re focused on these people,” Tila said of her experience on the reality dating show.  “When you’re scared and lonely, your only friends are these other contestants, and you kind of lose it, man.”

As for her odd choice of picking Bobby Banhart over fan favorite Dani Campbell during A Shot at Love’s first season, Tila says, “That was a hard one.  I think I was just scared.  I’d been with lipstick lesbians but not so much with the more tomboy-type girls, so I picked something that was more predictable.  Guys are a bit more predictable.”

This season, though, Tila Tequila promises for an unpredictable season filled with more excitement and action. Catch MTV’s A Shot at Love with Tila Tequila Tuesdays at 10pm on MTV.

-Valerie Anne del Castillo, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: Blender Magazine
(Photo courtesy of Blender)

Valerie Del Castillo

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