On tonight’s episode of The Bachelorette, it was a battle for a one on one date with DeAnna. It wouldn’t be easy on the guys, though. They had to write and perform their own song, which made many of them nervous. Graham summed it up best, saying that he’d “rather eat glass”. The songs ranged from bad to worse, but provided a lot of entertainment. Despite only singing one note in his song, Jesse was chosen by DeAnna to go out on the date with her.

Jesse receives a suit and tickets to a private event with DeAnna featuring a private serenade. They enjoy a candlelight dinner at a beautiful theater, where Jesse reprises his song for her. He tries to open up to her and let her know how serious his feelings are for her. Then, he basically asks for the rose and she hands it over. DeAnna surprises him with a private performance by Natasha Bedingfield to top off their evening together.

Brian, Twilley, Sean, Jeremy, Graham, and Jason are invited on the group date tonight. They head to the race track and one by one, the guys take a lap and try to get the best speed and time. Despite his motion sickness, Twilley does very well but is ultimately beaten out by Sean. During his time with DeAnna, Sean says that he feels a boost in confidence because they’re both from small towns and could both be a little redneck. Jeremy steals DeAnna away for a few minutes but she is quickly taken away by Graham. DeAnna asks for a kiss but Graham turns her down, which hurts her feelings. DeAnna ends the group date by giving Sean a rose, saying that she’d like to get to know him better.

The guys have a party down at the outhouse and invite DeAnna for a laid back afternoon. What seemed like a fun afternoon went terribly wrong. Robert threw a temper tantrum and Graham avoided DeAnna. At one point, DeAnna said like she felt like she didn’t even fit in. She goes to find Robert, who says that somebody told him that he would be the next one to go home. She comes outside, blows up at the guys and leaves crying.

The dates must go on. Fred and Robert find out that they’ll be going on a two on one date and only one of them will be returning to the house. Robert tries to kiss DeAnna during a moment alone, but she gives him “the dodge”.  Fred pulls her aside and tries to really open up to her.  DeAnna chooses to send Robert home, for his behavior over the last few days and for a lack of connection.  In the limo, he says that he’s destroyed by what happened.  She turns around and sends Fred home too, saying she can’t lead him on.  When she gets home, Jason is waiting there with open arms and an ear to listen.

At the cocktail party, everybody tries to make one last impression before the roses are handed out.  DeAnna lets loose by asking all the guys to change into their swimsuits for a late night swim.  At the rose ceremony, she gives roses to Jason, Jeremy, Twilley, and Graham.  Surprisingly, she sends Brian home without much of an explanation.

– Gina Scarpa, BuddyTV Staff Writer

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Gina Scarpa

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