Just when you thought that the Real Housewives of Atlanta were going to start getting along and going on slightly exotic group vacations together, NeNe has to call another meeting.

And this time, it’s with loose cannon Porsha and self-professed “wild card” Kenya.

But will the ladies be able to put their reunion brawl behind them for good? Let’s see if it’s a fair fight in “Tea with a Side of Squashed Beef.”

Talking the Talk and Walking the Walk

Phaedra goes out to lunch with her mom and finally admits that the Apollo situation is stressing her out. She recounts how Apollo embarrassingly showed up proclaiming his love for her at Demetria’s video release party that didn’t have a video. 

Phaedra’s mom thinks that Apollo is all talk. When will he take responsibility for his actions and stop blaming others?

Also meeting for some tea are NeNe and Porsha. Porsha tells NeNe she saw Cynthia at the video release party. NeNe hasn’t spoken to Cynthia since they “made up” at the group dinner.

Can we stop for a moment to discuss NeNe’s hair in her confessional? She looks like she has a head full of yellow Play-Doh. Or straw. Or yarn. Whatever it may be, it’s not working for her.

Kandi has dinner with Mama Joyce and the Old Lady Gang. Ticket sales for Kandi’s play (going on a 26-city tour) are less than stellar. Perhaps the O.L.G. will come fill some seats? The Old Lady Gang will have to think this over. They do not seem very excited about it.

What the Old Lady Gang is excited about is hearing about Kandi’s Brooklyn visit with Todd’s mom, Sharon. The ladies reckon that if she tries to come after Mama Joyce, there’s going to be trouble. Especially if she brings cabbage. Or is a cabbage? 

Mama Joyce’s colorful threats are indeed colorful but fail to make sense.

Kenya the Mogul

Claudia and Cynthia hit up Derek J.’s salon so Cynthia can insult Claudia’s hair and receive a text from NeNe on-camera. NeNe’s text invites Cynthia and “her girl Kenya” out for some afternoon drinks and girl talk. 

Cynthia can’t figure out why Kenya is invited, when Cynthia and NeNe are the ones who need to iron out their problems. Maybe NeNe is bringing Porsha? Ding ding ding ding!

Oh dear. Kenya is under the impression that she is an in-demand actress, a business mogul and in need of a big office. This all seems to stem from Kenya’s two-minute meeting with Roger Bobb last week.

As Kenya ponders all her future millions while touring office spaces with Brandon, Cynthia calls to tell her that she will be accompanying her to speak with NeNe tomorrow (even though Kenya doesn’t want to).

Kandi tells Todd that her plan to increase ticket sales is to bring the O.L.G. and Mama Joyce on tour with them. I’m confused. How would that increase ticket sales?

Todd doesn’t like that idea, nor does he like the idea of spending any holidays with Mama Joyce. He thinks they should just each spend the holidays with their own mothers. Sounds like a great plan for newlyweds.

Claudia’s mother and grandmother are visiting Atlanta, so she brings them out to a restaurant with drag queens. Because, of course, that’s what your mom and grandmother want to do when they come to visit!

There is an awkward moment when Claudia and her grandmother say, “I love you,” but Claudia’s mom won’t say it. Apparently, she has never said it to Claudia. Her mom’s rationale is that actions speak louder than words. I get the sentiment, but poor Claudia is practically begging for her mom to just say it. No wonder she’s a single reality TV star who’s best friends with Kenya Moore.

Still Things to Say

Cute scene alert! Phaedra brushes her kids’ teeth and reads them a bedtime story. No sign of Apollo. He prefers his scenes to be public.

NeNe and Porsha show up for the arranged drinks with Cynthia and Kenya. Porsha had no idea that Kenya was coming too, but she promises NeNe she will try to be a big girl and not shove Kenya to the floor.

NeNe and Cynthia both acknowledge that they are “grown-ass women” who love each other. Kenya interjects to make obvious statements about friendship and moving forward and blah blah blah. 

Everyone seems annoyed that Kenya is involving herself in the conversation, but they are the ones who invited her. So deal with it.

The discussion of whether or not Cynthia and NeNe will regain BFF status ends with NeNe telling Cynthia that maybe they can go to lunch together in a few years.

Now it’s time for Cynthia and Porsha to squash their beef. Porsha finally apologizes for being late to her meeting with Cynthia a few weeks ago. They kiss and make up.

But the real reason for the meeting is to have Kenya and Porsha mend fences. Surely an impossible task, no?

There is a lot of talk of “acknowledging” things (meaning reunion fistfights), but not much talk of apologizing. “That wasn’t the way I wanted to react,” says Porsha. “And as a grown woman, I acknowledge that.” 

Kenya gets up from the table and offers Porsha a hug. Porsha will only accept the hug if Kenya is accepting blame for the fight (well, some of the blame). Kenya is indeed taking responsibility for her role in it. 

They hug. And somehow this meeting of four frenemies has turned out way differently than the previews led me to believe! (They get me every time.)

But will NeNe really act like she’s Kenya’s friend when they are in public? We’ll see next week!

The Real Housewives of Atlanta airs Sunday nights at 8pm on Bravo.

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Lindsay Podolak

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