As we saw in last week’s Puerto Rican preview, and as some ABC copywriter had a field day describing in their weekly press release, the climax of Monday’s Bachelor episode will be the “sizzling tryst” between Courtney Robertson and Ben Flajnik. The model will offer the Bachelor her own special sort of “nightcap”: A midnight skinny dipping stint, made all the more romantic by the presence of a camera and light crew to capture it all.

In the sneak peek below, we see how it all goes down. In just her underwear and a robe, Courtney goes to Ben’s room with a wine bottle and glasses in hand, saying that she’s “making good on her promise” with “something that might refresh him, rejuvenate him.” So they talked about this before — and though he seems surprised, Ben doesn’t hesitate to strip down and cozy up to Courtney out in the ocean.

“I don’t know if he’s ever skinny dipped with a model before. It could be fun,” she says. Any excuse to remind us that you’re a model and that you’re insufferably cocky, right Courtney?

Watch Ben and Courtney go on their nude dip — and don’t worry, the naughty bits have been blacked out:

“I’m scared that the girls, when they find out, will hate me forever. And ever. And ever.” Oh, they will. But that doesn’t keep Courtney from sounding more proud than scared when she says so.

And no Courtney moment would be complete without her now signature homage to Charlie Sheen: “I feel like I’m winning.” It’s all a game to Courtney, and she’s not afraid to play dirty.

But seriously: Ben’s going to look like the world’s biggest bonehead if this is the woman he picks to be his bride. As Ellen said, he’s getting plaaaayed. Right?

(Image courtesy of ABC)

Meghan Carlson

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