Last night on The Bachelor, one woman got dumped in the middle of the group date for “not taking it seriously” (Samantha, at right, in all her poise and strength), and two of the women — Emily and Courtney — caused trouble of their own by taking this thing a little TOO seriously. Emily tried and failed to warn Ben about Courtney’s two-faced ways, and all she got in return was a disappointed lecture from the Bachelor and a new laser-eyed, forked-tongued enemy in Courtney. And while Courtney doesn’t seem to mind all the hate coming her way and can still do no wrong in Ben’s eyes, even if she gets the guy, she’s definitely losing in the court of public opinion right now.

But that’s the price of trying to find love on television. Even when you’re “winning,” you’re losing. Below, check out deleted scenes from last night’s episode and a sneak peek at next week’s, when the competition will get even tougher, thanks to Courtney, who’s once again reveling in being so reviled:

Deleted Scene: Blakeley Worried Ben. Ben was confused that, after he gave the group date rose to the most hated girl in the house, Blakeley gave him the cold shoulder rather than kiss his ass when the date ended. For a guy dating 13 of them at once, Ben still has a lot to learn about women. And Blakeley has a lot to learn about picking out earrings and active listening.

Diaries of the Departed: Two Crying Blondes. Samantha doesn’t know why she can’t find love. Maybe it’s because she can’t find someone who “gets” or can “handle” her complex blend of insecurity and cluelessness. Meanwhile, Monica doesn’t think anything went wrong with her and Ben. She just doesn’t know what went right with him and everybody else. Whatever that means. Also, she’s “indifferent” to whether he picks Courtney, except for how she thinks it’s a wrong decision and wouldn’t last. Very indifferent.

The Bachelor Uncensored: This video reminds me of a quote. “Love is hiding who you really are at all times, even when you’re sleeping. Love is wearing makeup to bed, and going downstairs to the Burger King to poop, and hiding alcohol in perfume bottles. That’s love.” – Jenna, 30 Rock

$#*! Girls Say on The Bachelor: The Meme That Wouldn’t Die.
This one is pretty self-explanatory. And while it’s a relief to learn that many girls DID, in fact, say “I’m not here to make friends,” I am angry that none of those quotes have yet made it to air. It’s not really “sh*t girls say on The Bachelor” if the sh*t that got said never makes it onto The Bachelor.

Week 5 Preview: Puerto Rico Turns Petty and Raunchy. Lastly, check out the preview clips for next week’s episode, when Courtney will steal Ben away for their highly anticipated “sizzling tryst,” a surprise skinny-dipping trip. Risque! And risky, when the other women find out.

Running in the rain, kissing in the dark, screaming on a yacht … and backstabbing in the buff. What more could you ask for? The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8pm on ABC.

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