Last night marked the explosive rather dull conclusion of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills season 2. So of course, rumors about which Beverly Hills housewives will return for next season are already flying like crazy. Let’s break down each of the ladies’ chances of returning.

Camille Grammer
Camille had a rough first season. After multiple tiffs with castmate Kyle Richards, she was even deemed by Internet bloggers as the “most hated housewife” ever. But after suffering through a divorce from actor Kelsey Grammer, Camille did a 180 in season 2. She was gracious, non-confrontational and even downright nice. Unfortunately for her, these amiable traits don’t always make for a good reality TV star. Camille told the Huffington Post last week that she is nervous about he future on the show, saying, “I had a good year so I would want to go back for a third season, but they haven’t asked me yet, so I wonder what’s going on with that.” She also said that Bravo was openly looking for new cast members.
Chances of Being Back: Not quite as solid as Dimitri’s abs

Adrienne Maloof
She’s the peacemaker of the ladies, and Adrienne is no less fabulous then all her Hills counterparts. Her lavish spa party and Vegas vacation were some of the more lighthearted highlights in a season tip-toeing around tragedy. She recently told that she enjoys doing the show, but she is still trying to decide if she would be on board to do another season. And regarding all this speculation about who else might return, Adrienne said, “You’re going to hear a lot of rumors, it’s the nature of the beast. But I will say one thing: On this show you never know!” Thanks for the tip?
Chances of Being Back: As high as her eyebrow lift

Taylor Armstrong
Of all the RHOBH, Taylor is probably the housewife fans would least like to see back for another season. While she spent most of season two in a state of (riveting) emotional duress, her quick turnaround and capitalization on her husband’s death have raised red flags for viewers. Although the ratings went up this season as a result of Taylor’s personal drama, Radar Online says that Bravo considers Taylor a liability to the show and that she is afraid she won’t be invited back.
Chances of Being Back: Not too high, but higher than we’d probably like

Kyle Richards
It’s safe to say that Kyle Richards is one of Bravo’s housewife darlings. She’s smart and funny, but also takes the show and her role in it very seriously. In a word, she’s a professional (well, as “professional” as a Housewives star can be). She’s expressed her desire to come back for season three, and as usual, she will probably get her way.
Chances of Being Back: The same as the chance she’ll do the splits at a party

Kim Richards
Oh Kim, you complex little flower. Kim’s appearances in season 2 strangely started disappearing around the same time that, in real life, she entered into rehab for drug and alcohol problems. While it was easy to enjoy Kim’s kooky antics in season one, knowing more about her destructive habits this year just made us feel dirty for enjoying them. Radar Online is reporting that viewers shouldn’t expect to see Kim next season due to her continued battle with sobriety. Maybe she’ll be back for season four?
Chances of Being Back: She’ll probably miss the boat

Lisa Vanderpump
The only question worth asking is wheather kisa will be back on RHOBH or her own spin-off. (Maybe both?) Lisa and her BFF Kyle are facing the least amount of threat of being given the boot.
Chances of Being Back: Fabulous, darling!

Friends of the Housewives
And what of our supporting ‘wives this season? Brandi Glanville was a welcome addition, bringing vulgarity and bra-lessness wherever she went. It seems she has a decent chance of being upgraded to a full time housewife next season, but if not, she is likely to stick around in a minor role. Not so for our other FOH Dana Wilkey, whose only contributions to the show were bragging about how she paid $25k for a pair of sunglasses and how she taught her toddler Chinese.
Chances of Being back: Yay Brandi; nay Dana.

Which Real Housewives of Beverly Hills cast members do you think should/will come back for season 3?

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