Olivia Caridi may have gotten the first impression rose from Ben Higgins on The Bachelor but it was Lace Morris who captured viewers’ attention. On just the first episode of season 20, the 25-year-old real estate broker took crazy to a whole new level, most likely earning her a ticket to Bachelor in Paradise. Here are five crazy things that Lace did during the season opener:

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She Kissed Ben

Kissing is inevitable on The Bachelor, even on the first night of the season. However, Lace caught everyone by surprise, most especially Ben, by kissing him right after exiting the limo. 

She Asked for a Second Kiss

Lace proved that she’s not only forward, she’s very aggressive as well. After scoring Ben’s first kiss, she interrupted Jubilee’s chat with Ben to pull him aside and ask for a second kiss. Ben reluctantly agreed but also explained that he’d rather get to know her than get caught up in the physical appearance. Fortunately, Ben was spared from the awkward situation when another contestant arrived.

She Got Drunk

There’s someone who gets drunk in almost every season of The Bachelor and season 20 is no exception. Tipsy girl this season came in the form of Lace, who had no qualms boasting that she’s “way prettier than everyone” while indulging in booze.

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She Got Really Angry

Drama started a little early on The Bachelor season 20, thanks to Lace’s fits of rage. She got extremely mad when Mandi interrupted her almost second kiss with Ben, got upset when Ben gave the first impression rose to Olivia and had no qualms spewing some harsh words about her fellow contestants.

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She Complained After Getting a Rose

For Lace, getting a rose just wasn’t enough. After the rose ceremony concluded, in which Ben Higgins sent home seven women, Lace pulled Ben aside for another private meeting to complain about Ben’s lack of eye contact. 

The Bachelor season 20 airs Mondays at 8pm on ABC.

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