Chris Harrison has an almost immeasurably important role on the ABC reality dating series The Bachelor. Not only does he deliver the date boxes – those themed gift baskets of love – he also performs the pivotal role of Last Rose Announcer. When The Bachelor has given out all but one rose, Chris helpfully steps in to announce to The Bachelor, the women, and any viewer who can’t count to one, that they have reached their final rose.

It might be hard to imagine he has any energy left after taking on that challenge, but actually Chris is quite busy, and he recently added another credit to his resume

Chris will now be hosting the TV Guide Network’s Hollywood 411. He joins co-host Madison Michele for the show, and it’s actually not his first time on the TV Guide network. He also was a red carpet correspondent for the TV Guide Network during the Emmy Awards.

The show says it will be “the latest breaking celebrity news, feature stories and a rotating panel of compelling contributors and guests discussing the most interesting stories of the day.” It will also include several different segments like, “Hollywood Hotline, featuring the latest gossip buzz; Star Flash, highlighting the best candid snapshots of celebrities; Party Patrol, featuring the night’s best Red Carpet events; and The Big Five showcasing the day’s top five TV stories.”

It’s far from Chris’s first time to branch out from The Bachelor. He’s also appeared on Six Feet Under, The Practice and Alias on television, and on the big screen, he’s been in Showtime, and in Date Movie, as himself. He’s also honed his hosting duties by as host of the Miss America pageant.

For serious The Bachelor fans, though, he’ll always be best suited for rose-counting and date-announcing, and so no doubt they hope to see him back to those activities when The Bachelor returns.

– Leslie Seaton, BuddyTV Staff Columnist


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Staff Columnist, BuddyTV