Hell’s Kitchen’s star Gordon Ramsay has been serving up Michelin-starred food to the patrons of his restaurants for years now. He might make some chefs lives miserable back behind the scenes, much as we see on Hell’s Kitchen, but he’s built his culinary career on making the diners who come to visit his restaurants very happy.

His restaurants have become destination spots for food lovers, but now, his new endeavor is to entice diners who haven’t quite yet made it to their actual destinations.

In March of this year, Heathrow Airport will be opening a giant new terminal, and in it, Ramsay will have a new restaurant – cheekily called “Plane Food” – that will be one of the high-end offerings for travelers.

The focus of the place will be, obviously, the food and the cache of eating at the Hell’s Kitchen star’s own restaurant. But Ramsay will also incorporate his usual eye for overall detail and ambience, and so the décor of the establish will reflect the location in the new terminal.

The Moodie Report says Plane Food will have “aerodynamic lines to conjure up shapes associated with flying” and will be “[d]ivided into six discreet areas segregated by burnt oranges and bright reds topped with subtle gold fixtures…specifically designed to emphasise the idea of movement from one destination to another.”

Ramsay himself said of the new venture, “There is a sense of excitement and anticipation about air travel that doesn’t exist in any other form,” commented Ramsay. “I intend to create a menu and dining experience that matches that enthusiasm in what will be one of the most stunning venues for a restaurant anywhere in the world.”

The new restaurant’s opening should be close to the opening timeframe for his new Paris spot, and both should happen just before we get to settle into another season of Hell’s Kitchen, currently slated to begin April 1.

– Leslie Seaton, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Sources: TheMoodieReport.com
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