Darker tales of superficiality, selfishness and stupidity continue to pop up about rumored Bachelor winner Vienna Girardi, 23, casting more doubt upon whether she has the “heart of gold” Jake Pavelka claims to see on the show.

In Us Weekly‘s latest cover story, “Vienna’s Double Life,”  the mag dug up ex-friends, acquaintances and former co-workers to dish all about Vienna’s questionable character.

The overall consensus? An ex-boyfriend by the name of Brad Allen sums it up nicely:

“[Vienna Girardi] is really fake. Both her body and her personality.”

  • Looking for Fame At Whatever Cost:

“She’s all about climbing the ladder and stepping on whomever she has to to get there. She is not looking for a husband. She is looking to promote herself.” — Girardi’s former mother-in-law, Gale Riley.

“She was always looking for her big break. She was the kind of person who would always try out for a Hooters calendar.” — Fellow waitress at Hooters in 2007

One Florida pal recounted the night that Vienna crashed an Orlando house party thrown by N’Sync member Chris Kirkpatrick that was potentially being filmed for a reality TV show: “She was all excited because she thought she was going to be on TV, but the show never came out.”

A source also claimed Vienna once dated Backstreet Boy (and fellow Floridian) Howie Dorough.

  • Shady Plastic Surgery:

“She admitted that she did it! She said she decided to get boobs to perk herself up and to take her modeling career to the next level.” — Friend about the claim that Vienna drained her ex-husband’s bank account to get a boob job.

Us cites the same friend as claiming that Girardi’s mother “got a tummy tuck and liposuction with the fleeced funds.”

  • Lying About Her Former Engagement:

Vienna told Jake she was engaged to her pastor’s son, who broke it off and married someone else “literally a month later.”

She was engaged, claims a source. But “she’s lying about everything else.” Vienna “completely exaggerated” the story, claims the source, saying “He was married more than a year later.”

  • Promiscuous Past:

One source claims Vienna slept with her best friend’s longtime boyfriend behind her back: “After a while, she convinced him to break it off with the girlfriend and to never speak to her again.”

Other sources claim Vienna hooked up with a UFC refereee and a close friend of her husband’s while she was married.

  • Not as Intelligent as She Claims:

“You have two groups of people who work at Hooters–those who need a job, and those who make a career out of it because they love it so much. And Vienna loved it.” –Former Hooters co-worker.

“I love her to death, but she’s not the sharpest crayon in the box.” — Former high school classmate.

“She was the girl who asked stupid questions.” — Former sorority sister.

“I know everybody is saying that she’s mean and nasty. The truth is, she’s just dumb.” — Former Hooters co-worker.

  • Went Ballistic on Ex-Boyfriend After The Bachelor:

And here’s the latest from Us, who seem to have it out for Vienna–or just have tons of material. Another “source” claims that Vienna was obsessed with her ex-boyfriend, Lee Smith throughout filming, and immediately wanted to get him back:

When The Bachelor wrapped production in November, Girardi rushed home to reunite with Smith at his Florida apartment. To her surprise, Smith had already taken up with a new woman, local waitress Cassie Heaberlin. “[Vienna] got so angry that she walked right into the house and went to the bedroom,” one source reveals.

She even physically threatened Smith and Heaberlin, another insider claims. The couple “woke up to see Vienna standing at the foot of the bed holding a wine bottle, like she was going to hit them with it.”

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