After three steamy nights in the St. Lucia Fantasy Suites with his final three, Bachelor Jake Pavelka handed out roses to his two favorites: Tenley Molzahn, 25, and Vienna Girardi, 23.

Jake claims he’s “in love” with both, and yet these finalists couldn’t be more different: Molzahn is a sweet college admissions officer with traditional values about sex and marriage, while Girardi is an outgoing ex-Hooters girl who took the aggressive approach to winning over Jake.

If Internet rumors hold true, Girardi will walk away with Jake’s final rose in the Bachelor finale on March 1. But, as show’s last few finales have proven, anything can happen in a Final Rose Ceremony. Jake may change his mind at the last minute, dump both ladies, or recant his choice after the episode airs. The pilot has been tight-lipped about his final decision, but ensures his viewers a bumpy ride as he struggles with his toughest choice yet.

Girardi’s flamboyant personality made her a lightning rod for controversy early on in the season, but Jake defended her “honest” attitude, while gentle, pious Molzahn was an early front-runner, but later raised concerns that she hadn’t recovered from her painful previous marriage. In the end, Jake will need to decide: Does he want the woman with moxie, or the woman with morals?

Check out these BuddyTV user comments for and against Jake’s final two, and then let us know what you think! Who’s right for The Bachelor: Vienna or Tenley?

On Vienna Girardi:

Vienna’s supporters say…

zuzana1: “The reason why Jake is keeping Vienna is that she is VERY straightforward and blunt, and will keep him challenged. She is not a regular “I love you, lets get soppy” kinda girl. Whatever her past, whatever wrong way she can rub people, she isn’t like all the other girls and I think that’s why Jake is finding her entertaining.”

paijon: “When I watch Vienna and Jake together, I really smile. You can see the sparkle in there eyes, she is so lively, adventurous and a strong charater for Jake. Her eyes are gorgeous, and I can see how Jake could could feel so secure with her. She speaks from the heart.”

ca912: “Together Vienna and Jake laugh together, have fun together, support each other and trust each other. Honesty was always there. SHe was upfront with all of them, girls and Jake. Only reason she went to jake about the other girls was to defend herself- do you not blame her- go girl!”

figi1: “Vienna deserves to win after all the crap the girls, (led by Ali) put her through. A lot of women would not have been strong enough to handle being ganged up on like that. Glad Vienna did not let them get to her. I hope Jake picks her.”

MyrlineGuerrier: “I’m not supporting Vienna, but like jake said she’s the only one that makes him feel that she’s here for him (whether it be true or not, she sees her goal, makes up her mind to get it.”

Vienna’s detractors say…

stevie41: “If Jake picks her, he better be prepared to be 3rd for attention. #1 Daddy, #2 her dog, #3 Jake. She’ s a total daddy’s princess, Paris Hilton wanna be.”

PghPens71: “Jake & Vienna could be sitting in my living room and I still would NEVER believe them as a couple. She is wayyyy to immature, young, & spoiled for Jake, sorry…he deserves better!!”

karnyc: “It’s one thing to be honest, but you have to go about it the right way and she just has no class. If Jake ends up with Vienna, he’s going to be constantly dealing with her insulting and offending friends and family and putting a strain on his relationships. She just reaks of drama and outspoken behaviour. He may be kinda boring, but he seems to be a sincere and genuine person; not someone I’d wish Vienna upon.”

On Tenley Molzahn:

Tenley’s supporters say…

kathypaper: “Personally the way he talks about his values and his parents I think he was made for Tenley.”

shona1968: “Tenley is a good wholesome girl with good values, and I believe that the two of them would have a lasting marriage. Tenley all the way.”

kateshot: “TENLEY!! She and Jake are equally attractive and fit and they’re both super cheesy.”

happyy: “Tenley seems the kindest, gentlest of all the girls. She was hurt yes, but the fastest way to heal your heart is to fall in love again. She should just make sure she doesnt have trust issues, that is not attractive! Her family seemed the sanest.”

Tenley’s detractors say…

deb19: “Tenley always speaks in the past about ex-husband. Can’t let it go. Won’t work with Jake. Jake is a guy who wants to move forward – won’t happen with Tenley.”

patty01: “I find it ironic that Tenley left her husband and was divorced in 2009, yet is on this show in 2010. She keeps saying her husband cheated but she is sharing Jake with other women. Something is wrong with this picture. She is sweet but she is really not being smart.”

elliemae: “I would not damn even Jake to an eternity of listening to Tenley’s annoying baby talk. Will that sound cute when she’s 80? Vienna, at least, is genuine.”

On Jake’s Final Choice:

VictoriaEugene: “He was dateless in high school, and probably needs his self esteem stroked, and needs to be looked up to! To feel that he is “most” important. I don’t think he could handle a STRONG independent, or career oriented women. That would not put him as #1. He wants a loyal puppy. He needs to have “Jake’s little Princess!” and be the caretaker who’s looked up to.”

BethanyWeathers2: “While Vienna may be “beautiful,” she is the kind of girl that guys have fun with, then move on. Vienna is not the “settle down” type of girl. Tenley on the other hand IS the type of woman that is ready to settle down and be a wife. Think about it Jake, Who would make the better wife, who would take care of you more? Tenley. Vienna may for a little while, but she won’t last forever.”

happyy: “I think he should have took another chance with Ali because I dont think Tenley or Vienna is the one.”

katydid56: “Y’know, he doesn’t have to pick anybody!!! If he wants to date any or all of them after the show is over HE CAN DO THAT! The FRC [Final Rose Ceremony] is NOT the end of every chance Jake will ever have to get married! Which may be a good thing for him, considering the choices he has left at this point. Not that he’s a great catch himself.”

“Jake is a fake. He is in love with himself. If he picks Vienna that would be a perfect match. It would probably last about 3 months at best.”

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