It’s hard as casual viewer to keep track of the women vying for Ben Higgins on The Bachelor. So many of them are named Lauren, so many of them have the exact same hairstyle, some of them even sound alike. Two are (creepy) twins for god’s sakes! But there are some women who are more memorable than others. A few even have a real chance of becoming Ben Higgins‘ future wife. Here are our rundown of the remaining contestants on The Bachelor and how good they seem as a match for Ben.

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Oh poor, inebriated, “not crazy” (but totally crazy) Lace. There is no way that Ben doesn’t walk away from every encounter with this terrifying make-out monster with chills up and down his spine. Lace has no chance of being Ben’s wife, unless all the alcohol is taken out of The Bachelor mansion, which will never happen. Granted Lace will probably stick around for a bit longer because she’s good TV. 

Lauren B.

I’m really tempted to group all of the Laurens together into one, dead-eyed, dyed blonde, desperate group. This is how much of an impression they’ve made on me and I’m sure Ben can’t feel that different. Lauren B. is the more forgettable of the two remaining Laurens, I don’t think she is lasting much longer.


Leah also might as well be a Lauren for all the impact she has on the show. She’s pretty, blonde and at this stage utterly unremarkable. Next!


If you don’t remember her and literally no one would blame you for that, Rachel is the one who arrived on a hover board. This the grand total of what Rachel has added to the season thus far, two episodes. At least she is not another blonde.

The Twins (Haley and Emily)

I showed restraint and didn’t group the Laurens and the Leah together. I will not be able to respect myself if I separate Haley and Emily into two distinct individuals. It’s not like they respect themselves to act like two different people. The twins might be OK, if just one of them were on the show but they’re sadly not. The twins’ only selling point, perpetuated by themselves, is that they tap into an incestuous twin fantasy. 

Lauren H. 

Now we are reaching the girls, with the exception of Lace, who have an actual personality. Yes Lauren H. is a Lauren, but she’s the Lauren I know and the one I used as a reference to compare to the other Laurens. She has the most spunk of the forgettable women. She hasn’t made much of a connection with Ben yet but that doesn’t mean she can’t in the future.


I’m not sure why Sushanna is on the show, I don’t think Sushanna knows why she is on the show. At least Sushanna speaking in Russian for the first episode was memorable. Now that we’ve learned she can speak English, she might be able to capture Ben’s heart. He was apparently into her when he had no idea what she was saying, so who knows?


Jami is definitely a person who exists on The Bachelor. Jami is also definitely a person who thought was a great idea, when first meeting Ben to make a penis joke. So that’s Jami. Joking aside she does have that spark of bubbly energy that Ben seems to appreciate. I don’t think they’ve made a real connection.


At first glance, Amanda looks indistinguishable from 60 percent of the girls. Amanda is the mom and I think that gives her an advantage. Despite his protestations to the contrary, Ben is probably too young to choose Amanda as his future wife. Kids might not scare him but it’s a big commitment to jump into a family right away. They do have a good enough connection that she’ll stick around for a bit of time.

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The only reason I think Amber is still on The Bachelor is from interference by the producers. This doesn’t mean that Ben couldn’t grow to have some affection for in time but of the two returning girls, Becca is way more popular. Amber is fine to watch but Ben seems to have little to no interest in her. 


Jennifer is big on the rhyming. I’d go as far to say the sole reason she is interested in Ben is because his name rhymes with her own. I’m sure there’s other attributes too but the name thing is the only reason I remember Jennifer so yeah…


Even if Olivia wasn’t a) insane and b) incredibly competitive, I think we’d all remember Olivia for the gaping hole in her face that is her mouth. I have two running theories about Olivia’s gigantic manhole of a mouth. It houses a black hole or it is contains a mystic vacuum that is able to suck out Ben’s soul. Olivia, much like Lace, will be around far longer than she should because her villain status makes for good TV. The problem is that Ben seems to actually like her. 

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Honestly I find Jubilee fascinating, I think she is one of the most interesting contestants to ever appear on The Bachelor. Every little detail about her life sounds intriguing and I really want to know how she made it from being in the army to being on reality romance show. Ben seems to find Jubilee as equally intriguing, because he has told her as such multiple times. There just doesn’t seem to a very hot romantic spark between them right now. At least he has stronger connections with other ladies.


I’ll be honest here, Caila scares me just as much as Olivia or Lace. She seems a little too attached to her idea of who Ben was while watching The Bachelorette and less concerned about him as a person. I’m sorry breaking with your boyfriend because you have a crush on reality show contestant is CRAZY. However that being said, Ben seems to like her and who am I to judge, it’s his life.


I can’t help but think of the early 2000’s pop artist of the same name when I see JoJo’s name come up on the screen. It’s not a particularly positive correlation either. JoJo manages to fight against it. She’s fun and funny even if she has no sense of geography. She seems like a good match for Ben and it appears he agrees for now. 


Olivia considers herself the frontrunner, because she is Olivia, but in my mind it’s Becca. For starters Becca and Ben sound way better than Ben and Jen, sorry Jennifer. Ben also is making a real connection with Becca despite the obvious stunt casting. Lace can’t understand why anyone would want a [expletive] virgin but Lace can’t understand a lot of things. If I had to pick a winner of The Bachelor today, it would be Becca. 

The Bachelor Season 20 airs Mondays at 8pm on ABC

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