Crazy. Silly. Awkward. Those three words probably best describe the second week of The Bachelor season 20.  There were plenty of cringe-worthy moments but these three were the most talked about, especially among Bachelor Nation.

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Samantha’s Sour Smell

A blindfolded Ben sniffing out his women for chemical compatibility made yet another awkward scene in this week’s The Bachelor. While Shushanna got worried that she’ll smell like a cabbage, Samantha was called out for smelling sour. Ultimately, smelly Samantha also got the boot.

In his blog on People, though, Ben acknowledged his mistake for not using a better word. 

“While we are talking about mistakes, Samantha, I am so, so sorry I used the word ‘sour.’ Sometimes I’m not so smooth (trust me, my friends make sure I don’t forget that), and that was definitely one of those times I put my foot in my mouth a little bit. I really hope I made it up to you at the after party, because I think you are an amazing woman and I would hate it if that made you feel bad in any way,” Ben wrote.

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Crazy Lace 

Somehow there is just no shortage of crazy drama when it comes to Lace. The most talked about person in the premiere continues to be the center of attention this week on The Bachelor–from getting drunk, crying, having meltdowns to interrupting other contestants’ time with Ben. Here are some her silliest lines of the night:

“I’m not a crazy girl.”

“I wanna make sure Ben doesn’t think I’m some crazy girl.”

“I know I’m coming off a little crazy to you.”

“Crazy right?” Referring to herself at that moment.

“I’m not crazy I just need one more minute.”

“Lace is analyzing every single thing Ben does and needs to just stop. As easy as it may sound for her to stop, the pressure and competition from the other girls is driving her insecurities deeper into the ground causing her to be a complete mess. I’m sure the alcohol doesn’t help either,”  Desiree Hartsock wrote on her blog. 

“Can I just start this weeks blog by talking about how awkward Lace is. I cringe for Ben every time she interrupts one of his conversations with the other girls. And how hard was it to watch her conversation with him on the balcony about her elementary school pictures? There is NO WAY Ben is into her in the slightest. But she does make great TV…don’t ya think?,” Ali Fedotowsky wrote on her blog.

Olivia’s Mouth

It’s pretty hard to beat Lace but somehow Olivia managed to top this list. There’s a lot of talk surrounding Ben’s front runner and it’s not just because she scored the first impression rose or got the group date rose or because she’s annoyingly overconfident. It’s mostly because of her mouth, which she seems to be open all the time. Just how popular is Olivia’s mouth? It now has its own Twitter page


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