On the season 20 premiere of The Bachelor, Ben Higgins finally met the 28 women vying for his attention, including twins, some colorful personalities and two familiar faces. By the end of the night, he narrowed down the competition and sent home seven women. Among the 21 remaining bachelorettes, however, one girl stood out in Ben’s eyes and won the first impression rose.

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Olivia Caridi, the 23-year-old news anchor from Texas, didn’t exactly give the most memorable introduction upon meeting Ben. Besides her good looks and dimple, she’s quite easy to be overshadowed by the other girls. However, her confidence and boldness to leave her job to pursue Ben was enough reason for the Bachelor to keep her around and even award her with the coveted rose. Will she ultimately win Ben’s heart?

Unfortunately, odds are not in Olivia’s favor. Woman who get the first impression rose rarely make it to the end. Based on the past eight seasons of The Bachelor, the only woman who was awarded the first impression rose and was chosen the winner was Catherine Giudice. Although Catherine got one of the 12 first impression roses that Sean Lowe handed out.

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Winning the first impression rose also seems more like a curse than a blessing. While it secures Olivia a spot in the competition during the first elimination ceremony and assures her that Ben is interested in her, it puts a huge target on her back. Olivia has officially become a threat to the other girls, some of whom might even sabotage her chances with the Bachelor.

On the other hand, that doesn’t mean that Olivia won’t go far or won’t have an exciting stint on The Bachelor. Based on Ben’s blog on People, he seems to be quite smitten with her.

“Olivia really blew me away that night – and not only with her beauty, but also with her poise and intelligence and even more so with all that she gave up for a chance at finding love. Especially after going through this last season, it is not lost on me what each and every person has to go through and give up to be here, and what Olivia put aside and how confident she was that it was the right choice just made me feel so incredibly blessed,” he wrote.

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The Bachelor season 20 airs Mondays at 8pm on ABC.

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