Before everything comes to a dramatic conclusion on The Bachelor season 19 finale, Chris Soules confronted the women he eliminated this season on the Women Tell All special, which led to several awkward moments (just check out our recap for all the details) and notable and funny reactions from Bachelor Nation and fans of the show (which I’ve gathered below).  

Sean Lowe: “Can someone please support my Ashley S. for Bachelorette campaign? Britt has a one way ticket to Bachelor in Paradise. #WomenTellAll” 

Andi Dorfman: “Post breakup looks good on @kaitlynbristowe #TheBachelor #WomenTellAll” 

Catherine Lowe: “I’m sorry but WHY ARE THEY HOLDING HANDS… I could watch Kaitlyn make faces all day.”

Nick Viall: “I would pay a large amount of money to party with Ashley S #TheBachelor #WomenTellAll” 

JP Rosenbaum: “Britt will you please grow a pair?” 

Sharleen Joynt: “It was obvious that Britt was lobbying hard for Bachelorette more likability, but what was aired of her exchange with Carly was FAR too one-sided for my liking. Britt asked for answers from Carly but interrupted her every time Carly attempted to give them…  Kaitlyn is a woman, not a girl. Any man would be lucky to have her, and I hope the powers that be bear will that in mind when choosing their next Bachelorette.”

Chris Soules: “Ashley S. Still beautiful. Still a little crazy. As they say, there are many layers to an onion. And to a pomegranate. And Ashley S. has many, many layers. I know I’ll never quite get to all of those layers, and that’s okay. I love onions. And pomegranates. Regardless, I think she is a great girl!”

Becca Tilley: “Kaitlyn is one of my favorite people on the planet.”

Erin Andrews: “Dear @DancingABC producers..can we plz have Kelsey on our show??? This can’t be it..can Ashley S come too??” 


Michelle Money: “This is all too familiar. #womentellall My heart breaks for @brittkarolina :(“

Desiree Siegfried: “After watching @kaitlynbristowe & @jadelizroper I wish I knew some good single men for them! They’re the sweetest! #WTA #TheBachelor” 

Chris Harrison: “As serious as most of the interviews were on the Women Tell All, it was nice to take a break and spend a few minutes diving into the mind that is Ashley S. I’ll admit I can’t get enough of this girl and I could’ve talked to her for hours. She’s unlike any woman who’s ever been on this show and definitely marches to the beat of her own saxophone.”

Ashley Iaconetti: “The only thing that beats my facial expressions is Chris’s facial twitches.” 

Mike Fleiss: “We need your input. Who should we choose as our new Bachelorette??? My mom wants Britt, my sister wants Kaitlyn, but my Ouija board says Ashley S… “

What was your favorite moment from the Women Tell All? Did it change your opinion of some of Chris’ eliminated women?  Share your thoughts below!

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Dean Bextor

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