No one went home this week on The Bachelor but that doesn’t mean there was no drama surrounding Juan Pablo and his ladies. While the Women Tell All episode wasn’t as explosive as you’d hope it would be, there were still a few heated moments including some of the women ganging up on Juan Pablo, accusations of him not taking the show seriously and calling him out for his anti-gay remarks. Get all the details in our recap!

According to E! News, however, there were a couple of scenes that transpired during the actual taping of The Bachelor: Women Tell All episode that got cut out. Kelly’s heated argument with Juan Pablo over his anti-gay comments was reportedly the most edited segment while some of the women called Juan Pablo “narcissistic” and “not genuine.” Below you’ll find Bachelor host Christ Harrison’s reaction about Monday’s controversial episode while Juan Pablo tries to defend himself.

Chris Harrison on the Women Tell All: “I was immediately struck by how the women felt about Juan Pablo… The women weren’t full of venom and they weren’t exactly mad, but I think the overall feeling was Juan Pablo just wasn’t on the show looking for the same thing they wereI did find it interesting that he has absolutely no regrets at all after not only living through this but watching it back as well. He seems to understand that his honesty can come off sometimes as rude at times, but he’s okay with that… One of the most interesting moments came late in the show, when Kelly made reference to Juan Pablo’s remarks about homosexuality. Juan Pablo naturally got very defensive — I didn’t think he was going to really respond at all, and I would’ve been fine with that. I didn’t feel like that was the time or place to really get into it because I didn’t have the time to really have an in-depth discussion. I feel unless you really have time to give somebody to respond, it’s not really fair. But Juan Pablo did open up and give some real insight and emotion as to how he feels. As disappointing as all of this has been, whether you agree with how he responded to Kelly or not, I appreciated seeing what seemed to be sincerity and true raw emotion — which has been hard to find with him at times when he gets defensive. I appreciated seeing that side of him.” 

Juan Pablo, on the other hand, tried to defend himself on his blog by focusing on how hard it is to be in his shoes as the Bachelor. He also singled out a few girls– a move that would most likely add more fuel  to the fire. 

Juan Pablo on being The Bachelor: “Before I talk about specifics, I want to write about how it can be difficult when you’re the Bachelor. Have any of the women thought about how hard it is to speak to so many people in such a short amount of time? Have any of them thought about how hard it is to speak to 24 women in eight hours? Then 13 in three hours, then 10 in three more, then five … It’s very easy to speak when you only have to focus on one guy, but it’s much harder when the guy has to get to know 27 women. It isn’t easy to remember all of the conversations or the questions that I ask, but I always tried my best and I wish the women recognized that.” 

Juan Pablo on Kelly: “I understood why Kelly wanted an explanation about my gay comments because during my adventure we had talked openly about her father. I told Kelly that I would love to have an hourlong chat with her so that she can better understand what was misinterpreted and what my views are. I also want to understand her views and her experiences, just like when I listened to her tell me about her father. More than anything, I want to make sure Kelly knows how sorry I am that her feelings were hurt. I hate hurting people.”

Juan Pablo on Victoria: “During my talk with Kelly, Victoria really surprised me. Why did Victoria jump in the conversation? I believe she should have worried more about being sober on the show so she could get to know me rather than say something negative about me when she was there for only four days. Does she know me? Does she know when and where I learned English? Does she know about all of the times my producer and I would change words because what I was saying wasn’t what I was trying to express? I let her be herself and talk. I respect her opinion, but everyone is not the same.”

Juan Pablo on Andi: “Andi’s situation – it’s okay and will always be okay. Like I said, she was at the top of my list since week 2, but at that point in St. Lucia, her leaving did me a favor. I wasn’t sure if she was going to make it through that rose ceremony, and she made my decision so much easier. I signed up to meet 25 women, not to marry, kiss and play with 25 women. So I was straightforward and honest, and like she said, I don’t have a filter. When you are trying to figure out what you want in a short amount of time, you have to be straightforward. To me, that’s definitely the best way to handle it. I have a completely different opinion about what happened on our overnight date. I respect her decision, but in my opinion she should have told me in private, when we had no cameras, but I guess some people would rather do things in public.”

Did your opinion on Juan Pablo change for the better or worse after the Women Tell All? 

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Dean Bextor

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