The ladies may have been in Puerto Rico last week, but that doesn’t mean their trip was all smiles and sunshine, as they all simultaneously seemed to decide that it was time to gang up on Lisa Vanderpump. But now that it’s time for Puerto Rico part dos in this week’s episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, let’s see if Lisa can get anyone else (besides Giggy) back on her side).

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Buenos Dias

The ladies, minus Lisa, meet for brunch the morning after the disastrous dinner. Kim says she knows she should text Ken and apologize, it’s just she really doesn’t want to. Joyce admits that she doesn’t know the whole situation, but thinks that Lisa acted guilty by walking away instead of just sitting there and handling the situation like an adult. 

Yolanda tells the lady that she asked the concierge about Lisa and Ken and found out that they left the hotel at 4:30 in the morning for the airport. Joyce is disappointed that Lisa didn’t personally inform her that she was leaving, and Kyle interprets this action as an admission of guilt on Lisa’s part.

Michael and Mauricio hit the links the same morning, which is the man version of brunch. They, too, debrief about the dinner and Michael assures Mauricio that he has every right to feel betrayed by his friends and that he’s owed an honest answer. Like his wife, he thinks that Ken and Lisa’s exit made them seem guilty.

The ladies take a vow to stop talking about Lisa and Ken for the rest of their Puerto Rico visit, yet they all can’t seem to stop talking about what a good time they’re having now that a “certain someone” has left. Joyce gives them the tour of downtown San Juan where they take pictures with an iguana wearing a sombrero, and Brandi and Kim jump in a public fountain.

At dinner, Yolanda and Kim commiserate once again about sending their daughters to college. We get it. It’s hard to send your babies to college. Do we have to talk about it all the time? Kyle also mentions that she’s throwing another party sponsored by the Chamber of Commerce to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Beverly Hills, which seems like too important of an event to leave to Kyle.

Shark Tank

Brandi brings her parents to visit Yolanda and David at their beautiful home. And of course, they can’t get enough of Yolanda’s fancy see-through refrigerator. But the visit is just a ruse so Brandi can surprise her parents with a brand new car. I guess Brandi is capable of doing good once in a while.

Carlton visits Lisa at her home so Lisa can fill her in on what happened on the Puerto Rico trip she wasn’t invited to. Carlton is upset to hear what happened to her friend, and tells her that those ladies are like sharks when they smell blood in the water. Lisa gets upset re-telling the story, saying she and Ken have always defended Brandi. She says that wile Brandi claims to be brutally honest, she’s more brutal than honest. Anyway, she doesn’t feel like going to Kyle’s Chamber of Commerce party because everyone is going to be there and they are all just terrible.

Moving Out

Kim and Kimberly’s dad (who is really hot; get it, Kim) help her pack a truck for her move to the dorms at the University of California, San Diego. Kim admits that she may have gone a little overboard on the packing, making sure she has everything she needs for the next four years. That becomes even more clear when they get to the dorms and it’s micro-sized. They have no idea where they’re going to put everything. Not only that, but it looks like Kimberly will be sharing the room with at least two other girls.

After some unpacking, the two Kims share a tearful goodbye. Kim is glad that she’s at a place in her life and her sobriety where she can be here with Kimberly at this moment.

Meanwhile, in New York, Yolanda is moving Gigi into her luxury apartment. Yolanda wanted to move Gigi into her own apartment so she could focus on her career as well as her education and not get distracted by things like college parties.

Yolanda takes a minute to call Brandi while she’s hanging Gigi’s homemade art. Brandi says she hasn’t talked to Lisa and she thinks it’s because Lisa can’t deal with being confronted by the truth. Yolanda insists that Lisa’s distancing herself even further from the group by not dealing with the problems head-on. Yeah, she’s distancing herself. You guys aren’t bullying her away or anything.

When all of the homemade art is hung, Yolanda and Gigi share an emotional goodbye as well. Yolanda tells Gigi to keep her receipts and be safe and not walk down any dark alleys. While both of them are sad, they both realize that Gigi’s taking an essential step in becoming an adult.

Kyle spends some time with her younger daughters to get Portia and Sophia’s ears pierced. And lo and behold, we even get a cameo from Taylor Armstrong and her daughter Kennedy who join them at the jewelry store. Cute little Portia doesn’t even flinch when the first earring goes in, but gets overwhelmed after she realizes there’s a post in her ear now. And Sophia embarrasses herself by flinching every time the poor lady gets near her with the nail gun. But at the end of the day, the daughters Richards (or Umansky, I should say) leave with an appropriate amount of holes in their ears.

Lisa and Ken get ready for the Beverly Hills party, but Ken really doesn’t want to go because he’s afraid they’ll run into their “friends.” He says he won’t stand to see anyone treat Lisa like that again, but Lisa begs him not to get involved, that it’s nothing she can’t handle. She also says that although she’s probably going to see all of them at the party, she left Puerto Rico feeling like she didn’t care to see any of them ever again. But it looks like she’ll have to confront them all during next week’s Real Housewives of Beverly Hills season 4 finale at 9pm on Bravo.

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