Dance Moms, from its first season, has been set around young dancers, their moms and Abby Lee Miller. We’ve come to love these girls. Now, each week we watch while they receive threats of being replaced. Granted, Abby owns the team, but do we own her since we watch the show? This week, it doesn’t look that way as Abby uses solos to control the girls and moms. So who does she hang out to dry? Let’s get the action started.

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Pittsburgh, the Battlefield

At the pyramid meeting, Abby is happy that the girls are undefeated for eight times. Holly excitedly announces she has published a book, Moments of Clarity, and Abby isn’t happy. Guess Holly stole her spotlight. She does tell Abby that she is the inspiration because of the clarity Holly has gotten watching from upstairs.

Abby shuts Holly up quick. Nia (headpiece) and Kendall (her mom) are on the bottom of the pyramid. But wait, Maddie (missing rehearsal) is there, too. Chloe and Mackenzie are the second role. Kalani is at the top. This week’s competition will be Detroit’s In10sity Dance. The group routine is “Richest to Rag.” Maddie’s solo is “Timeless” and Kendall gets a lyrical solo. Kira wants to know why Kalani can’t go up against Maddie. Abby says that will never happen.

Abby tells us that Detroit was rich but now is kaput. Thus, the group dance echoes her view of the town. Upstairs, the moms have some problems with the routine. Holly sees it as cartoonish. As Abby tells the group on dismissal to study up on Detroit, Maddie rehearses while Kira complains about Kalani not having a solo. Abby sees Maddie’s dance fitting her because Maddie is “timeless.”

Holly has a book signing to celebrate her first book. Her family, friends and the other Dance Moms come and Abby shows up with Nia. Holly makes the best of Abby’s comments about the “pamphlet” and I notice that Holly’s husband is insulted by the comments. After disrupting the event, Abby leaves with that wicked smile again. (Abby, the “wicked witch” role has been cast!)

The next day, it’s more of the same. Melissa sees the group dance as funny. Abby tells the girls that she will not be in the studio tomorrow and the mothers cannot change anything. Kendall rehearses “Battle Feet” and Gia tells Abby it’s a battle to get her to dance the steps correctly. Abby tells Kendall that it’s like being in a battle to teach her the routine. Abby also calls her the new Paige.

Jill comes downstairs to defend and comfort Kendall, but the confrontation gets so bad that even Christi cringes. Abby calls Jill delusional while Kendall thinks she’s going to be kicked off the team. Did Maddie just lose another friend?

Holly arrives and the moms talk about the book signing. She was hurt that Kelly didn’t come because she was part of the journey. Gia calls Melissa downstairs to videotape Maddie’s rehearsal. After complaining about Melissa’s pants, they make comments about Melissa’s conduct and videotaping. Kendall rehearses and Jill tells us that Kendall is embarrassed that the moms see the mistakes. Christi tells Jill that they’re rooting for Kendall to do well.

Battlefield: Detroit

Abby runs into an audition mom at the competition. In the green room, we have our usual inspiration speeches from Abby (not), who tells the girls that the solos will reflect on the group dance.

First up is Kendall. Abby sees the routine as sloppy. Maddie is next with her usual style of dance. While it looks good, Maddie does fall out of a turn.

Kira and Kalani are talking about the situation in the hall when Abby arrives. Abby tells Kira that she doesn’t want another Christi or Kelly on the team. She’s into typecasting now. As the group prepares to go on, Kendall tells everyone they must show Abby that they are irreplaceable. Mackenzie has a starring role, and Abby is happy but I don’t think she likes the ending.

In the green room, the audition mom tells everyone that Ava (her daughter) was better than Kendall. What? This is Abby’s green room! You don’t do this in front of the others. Kira takes up for Kendall while the teacher, Abby, says nothing.

Abby decides that the improv dance will settle it. Kalani will go against Ava. Abby has just lost respect for Ava because of the rehearsal room situation. She wants Kalani to win. As the girls get eliminated, it comes down to Maddie, Chloe and Kalani going against Ava. Maddie is cut, but so is Ava. Chloe (using ballet) and Kalani dance but lose in the final three.

At awards, Kendall places ninth, and Ava places third. Abby says that if Maddie doesn’t win overall, Kira was right. Maddie wins (as usual). In the group dance, the girls place first.

In the green room, Abby tells Jill that she owes her $500 because Kendall didn’t win the solo. The girls come in and Abby tells Kalani that she was supposed to win the improv dance. Abby tells Chloe that she can’t repeat steps during an improv. Christi gets called out for having an attitude. She leaves the room with Abby behind her, and she gets in Christi’s face insulting her family. Christi blows in Abby’s face and tells her that she’s not afraid of her.

On next week’s episode of Dance Moms (which airs Tuesdays at 9pm on Lifetime), Fallon shows up to dance. And Cathy’s Candy Apples are back.   

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