Okay, so things didn’t work out for The Bachelor’s Andy Baldwin and Tessa Horst.  Time out, what?  A Bachelor relationship didn’t last?  Madness!  At the end of the summer, Baldwin called off his engagement with Horst and grabbed his rebound, Miss Iran.  In September, Baldwin was spotted all over Los Angeles with Sepideh Haftgoli.  At the time, he was also seen around town with swimsuit model Jessiqa Pace.  Life after reality television has left Andy Baldwin right back where he started … as a bachelor.  Now, it seems that he’s more of a player than ever.  What happened to those puppy dog eyes and the use of the word “amazing” at every turn?  Recently, he’s being seen out with a woman twice his age and maybe even a young starlet.  Here’s who Baldwin’s been cuddling up with lately.

Let’s start off with a pairing that could make sense.  According to In Touch Weekly, Andy has been chatting with former start of The OC, Mischa Barton.  According to the magazine, the pair has yet to meet but have been exchanging emails after being set up by a friend.  Perhaps Barton is sick of the relationships with bad boys that have yet to pan out.  Still, the two live on opposite coasts and nobody is rushing to call this a romance just yet.

If you were looking at the picture above and saying to yourself, “Jeez, that looks a lot like Marla Maples,” you would be correct.  Believe it or not, Baldwin was seen ice skating with the ex-Mrs. Trump on New Year’s Eve.  The best part is that the New York skating rink actually bears The Donald’s name on it!  She does look good but Marla is still 14 years older than Andy.  Is this The Bachelor or Age of Love?

Andy probably could get almost any girl he wants.  Here’s the problem.  Whoever he ends up with is going to have to deal with a long distance relationship.  Baldwin will be deployed to Iraq later this month.  The 30 year old Navy lieutenant heads to Bahrain on January 15. 

– Gina Scarpa, BuddyTV Staff Writer
Source: TMZ, In Touch Weekly, US Weekly
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Gina Scarpa

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